Health services in the USA

The health service in the United States. The value of insurance for the population. Statistical indicators of the cost of treatment. The amount of offset funds for the maintenance of one patient from the Federal budget. Reform of medical insurance.

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  • The work of public health services in the UK. Populations in need of regular dental examination. Dental examination of schoolchildren. The organization of dental services in the United Kingdom. Terms of free dental care of certain groups of patients.

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  • What is health care system. Purpose, scope and methods. Health care industry. Health economics and politics. The healthcare industry consists of the following segments. Micro-economic evaluation at treatment level. What is health and what is its value.

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  • Approaches to reforming the system of medical aid to population in Ukraine. Developing primary medical aid basing on the principles of family medicine; developing hospital circuits with hospitals of intensive treatment; changes in the system of financing.

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  • The Ministry of Health - a central executive body in the Government of the Republic of Kazakhstan. Analysis of the main medical universities that educate students. The features of the Kazakh state program on liquidation of a epidemic of diabetes.

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  • General characteristics and features of medical education in the United States, its structure and subdivisions. Subject areas of research and medical schools at various levels. Requirements for the graduates, their professional and personal qualities.

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  • Reviewed epidemiological, environmental state of the population. Analyzed data on provide of food and water, the level of diseases. Recommendations for vaccination, holding chemoprophylaxis of malaria, and rules of conduct, that reduce the risk to health.

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  • The concept maintenance "epidemiology" and its development stages. Social aspect and ethical problems of epidemiology. Protecting the rights and dignity of the human clinical trials and medical practice. The fundamental principles of medical research.

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  • Obtaining the main opinions on medical assistance education by nursing staff. Health education as a wide process, which covering life, work, leisure time and nutrition hygiene. Specific feature of formation of the emergency medical service in Poland.

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  • Analysis of the organizational and economic mechanism of the health care system in Ukraine and the developed countries of the world in order to allocate the main goals of health care industry economic development. Expenditures on health care in Ukraine.

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  • Characteristics of health as a state of complete physical, mental and social well-being, and not merely the absence of disease or infirmity. Description of problem of early pregnancy on young mothers' health. Recommendations for age birth of first child.

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