Ultrasonic irrigation protocols in endodontic

Effect of continuous ultrasonic irrigation on postoperative pain in mandibular molars with nonvital pulps: a randomized clinical trial. Micro-computed tomographic evaluation of root canal system cleaning. Technologies to improve root canal disinfection.

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  • Determination the temperature rise on the root surfaced caused by ultrasonic post removal using different devices and techniques in a laboratory setting. Investigation ultrasonic devices and serrated titanium post into distal root canal of a mandibular.

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  • The advantages of ultrasonic or sonic root-end preparation compared to conventional bur preparation: a deeper root-end preparation, alignment in the original path of the root canal, a reduced risk of lingual perforation. A debridement of gutta-percha.

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  • Pulpitis and apical periodontitis. Microbial ecology of the endodontium. The concept of infected and noninfected roots. Treatment of endodontic infection. Principles of and rationale for irrigation. Calcium hydroxide: indications and forms of application.

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  • Ecological differences between the untreated and root-filled root canals. The root canal flora. The root canal as a unique site of infection. Methods for isolation and cultivation of the microorganisms. Microbiology of canals with persistent infection.

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  • Pathological changes in the dental pulp. The root canal system is harbor of several species of bacteria, their toxins and their by-products. Complete cleaning and shaping of root canals. Use of endodontic materials as root end filling materials.

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  • Anoral and maxillo-facial surgeon, an endodontist and a general dental practitioner viewed the radiograph independently under standard conditions. Orthograde root-canal treatment for endodontic problems. Orthograde nonsurgical root-canal treatment.

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  • Microbial etiology of pulpitis and apical periodontitis. Strategy of infection control. Composition of flora, localization of bacteria in endodontic infections. Instrumentation of the root canal. Irrigation with iodine compounds. EDTA and citric acid.

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  • The clinical picture of acute apical periodontitis, its differential diagnosis and treatment. The concept of post-operative pain and the main reasons for its occurrence. Incidence of post-operative pain using two different root canal dressings.

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  • The study of the method of digital calculation of the root canal curvature of the tooth. The review strongly curved root canals. The compensation function, in graphical and algebraic form. X-ray diffraction studies, confirming the clinical picture.

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  • Characteristics of the uninfected root canal surface. Extirpated pulp and SEM view of pulp separating from dentine surface with odontoblastic processes. Mechanical properties of dentine in teeth with vital and non-vital pulps. Effect on canal contents.

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