Optimization of monitoring the growth and development of students of nursing staff in the school

An electronic questionnaire to increase the efficiency of monitoring the growth and development of school-age children. Place control in physical development, education of students in the school of nursing. Use of resources and the working time nurses.

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  • Comparative analysis of different approaches which touch the topic of evaluation of innovative activity and efficiency in regions. Directions increase profit from innovation sphere, maintaining sustainable development and competitiveness of the country.

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  • Consideration of the problem of personnel management as a key element for provision of normal and effective development of an enterprise in the present day economic conditions. Investigation of conditions motivation enhancement mechanism creation.

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  • Increase the efficiency of enterprises through the development and decision-making based on the generation and implementation of creative ideas. Improving the efficiency of management personnel by enhancing the creative activity in OJSC Ukrtelecom.

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  • The study of the theory of systems thinking as an important direction of human resource development. The inclusion of competence-based approach in the curriculum. The essence of the actualization of systemic and creative thinking for staff development.

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  • The purpose of the article is to show the importance of professional development for the level of engagement, as an important argument justifying the interest of employers in professional career management, including investment in self-development.

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  • The problem and the need for monitoring of the government program effectiveness, conceptual model of monitoring during the implementation of the state program. A software module for monitoring and a description of main elements of an effective system.

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  • The possibility of using the organizational development management as the basis for implementing innovations within the framework of proactive management at the enterprise is justified. Approaches to the organizational development management are analyzed.

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  • Transformation of mobile technology in modern socio-economic development. A comprehensive assessment of the strategic impact of mobility on the competitiveness and efficiency of the company. Use of technology in the communication process of staff.

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  • Management concepts and market strategies improving of using resources by the cellular communication companies is advisable. The role of intellectual and innovative growth and informatization in the telecommunications sector of the Ukrainian economy.

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  • Moving into the future. The functions of the department of knowledge, innovation and development. Structure of the KID department. Designing information flows. Control functions of the KID. Cooperation with experts. KID's position within the company.

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