New approach to interpretation of the nature of the Navier-Stokes equation and its solution

Analyzed of the fundamental ideas of mathematical physics, which are accepted as the foundation in the attempt to solve the Navier-Stokes. Characteristic of the equations of dynamics of Hamilton. Completed the principal part of empirical physics.

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  • A numerical technique has been used slove the carrier transport equations for PbSnTe photodiode configurations. The model computes the spatial distribution of the electric field, electron concentrations and the generation-recombination of the mechanism.

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  • The synergetic model of boundary friction - the system of equations for the stress, strain and temperature, describing the nontrivial behavior of the ultra thin lubricant film. The influence of shear modulus deformation defect on hysteresis phenomena.

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  • The results of experimental studies of physical mechanisms of energy dissipation in the oscillating system in which air cavity held by the forces of magnetic levitation. Limitation of applicability of Helmholtz equation, caused by boundary effect.

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  • Perspectives of Cyclotron Wave Converter (CWC) of microwaves into DC are discussed in a form of short review. All main parts of CWC (microwave cavity, reverse region and collector) are analyzed. Existing experimental results are briefly described.

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  • A problem for an infinite array of longitudinal slots excited by planar waveguides is considered. An equation is solved with help of Galerkin’s technique for a case of normal radiation. Problems of the array matching in narrow bands are considered.

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  • Calculation of equations for determination of the quadrupole spin fluctuations nuclear ellipsoid of inertia. Determination of mass, quasi-classical, hydrodynamic option for turning y-rigid, based on the measure of the energy of nuclei along y-axis.

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  • Describing space-time evolution of electric charge induced in dielectric layer of simulated metalinsulator-semiconductor structures due to irradiation with X-rays. The system of equations used as a basis of the simulation model is solved iteratively.

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  • The overall frame and principal steps of complex numerical modelling of thermal processes in power boiler furnaces on pulverised coal with tangential disposition of the burners. The methodology for creation of three-dimensional models of boiler furnaces.

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  • The concept and characteristics of the electric current. Analysis of linear DC circuits. Applying Kirchhoff's in electrical engineering. The nodal equations for complex amplitudes. Representation of harmonic oscillations with the help of complex numbers.

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  • The deterministic spherical motion of the ferromagnetic fine particle with frozen magnetic moment is considered. Using the equations of motion and the mode of torsional oscillation. The influence of the static field on the magnitude of the power loss.

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