Observations of the Marinov Motor

Schematic of one simple form of Marinov motor. Torque Formulas. Analysis for Arbitrary Magnet Cross Section Shapes. Torsion Balance Measurement of Torque. Schematic of torsion balance used in presentlyreported torque measurements. A balance calibration.

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  • Analysis of the working analytical relations describing the focal length of the axicon and its dependence on different geometrical parameters as well as the torsion moment has been derived. Review and characterization describe a gradient-index axicon.

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  • Possible directions to normalize the fuel and energy balance of Ukraine. Necessity of technical upgrade and modernization of allocated boiler installations, as well as reequipment and modernization of power plants industrial sites infrastructure.

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  • Factors affecting the intensity of wear of parts. Analysis of the disadvantages associated with the abrasive polishing of precision parts. The required properties of the electrolyte and the correct selection of the optimal composition for running.

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  • Results of tests of the model of the motor-generator – the convincing proof of an inaccuracy of the first law of Newton and existing electrodynamics. Formation of an autonomous energy source with the service life equal to service life of the accumulator.

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  • The descriptive structure and implementation of motor driver for solar power plant is proposed. Determination and characterization of the direct loss of power, depending on the angle of deviation. The development of solar power control algorithm.

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  • Incompressible fractional flow for waterflood with capillary corrections. Mass balance closure for the composite solution. Composite saturation profile and fractional flow plot for radial flow. Model application - capillary pressure function calibration.

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  • Elastic scattering of the ultra relativistic polarized on atomic nucleus with arbitrary spin. The covariant parameterization of the electromagnetic current for a particle. The Rosenbluth formula for the cross section of the ultra electron.

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  • Method of synchronized pulsewidth modulation has been applied for balanced control of dual inverter-fed drive with an open-end-winding induction motor. Simulations give the behavior of dual inverter-fed systems with continuous and discontinuous versions.

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  • Description of experiment on determination of the revolved moment of the charged elementary particles at a conclusion them from a spacehold. Change the rate of earthly movement through "Ether" with an inactive result and description of general paradox.

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  • Motion along a straight line. The displacement of a particle is a vector quantity. The magnitude of the force. Kinetic energy and work. Potential energy and conservation of energy. Center of mass and linear momentum. Rolling, torque and angular momentum.

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