Motherhood and its influence on the health of women in greek villages of the north Аzov sea region

Considered a motherhood and its influence on the health of women in Greek villages of Northern Azov. It is shown that pregnancy and childbirth was always accompanied by various prejudices and number of injunctions, woman could harm to the unborn baby.

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  • Development of women’s sector in international movement in the first third of the XX century, with national aspects of women’s cooperation under conditions of civilization indignations being highlighted. The transformation of cooperation’s constituents.

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  • Biography of the first Minister of Health of the Ukrainian SSR, diplomat, scientist, academician of the USSR Lev Ivanovich Medved. Its role in reforming the health system, contributing to the development of preventive medicine in the postwar years.

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  • Analysis of the participation of Ukrainian women’s organizations in their struggle for insurance gender equality - for increase in the presence of women in all structures of governance, for the equal rights to obtain work and opportunities for career.

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  • Consideration of the history of Olbia and the western Black Sea in the years of the late Roman Republic and early Principate. Analysis of the role of philosophy (including politics and medicine) in Greek and Roman conceptions about Olbia and its region.

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  • Facts about the cities of Khorezm, which were saved in different sources. The results of archaeological and ethnographic research and studies of written sources about cities, ignoble Khoresmian shahs, for example, Bukhara, Samarkand, Marve, Niso.

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  • Study of the peculiarities of the first Soviet encyclopedic publications on the history of the SSR, nuanced scientific positions of each of the founders /participants "REIU" general political and ideological context days of the late 1960s - early 1970s.

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  • Regional clan structures in the Soviet period in the form of historically composed social structures that influence current events. Changes to the built environment in the 1950, when Ukraine became involved in high priority military-industrial production.

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  • Activization of the partisan movement in the Bryansk region and the special group "Mitya" under the command of D.N. Medvedev, created mainly from the security forces and famous athletes. Underground in the region. Collect data about the enemy.

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  • Тhе authors of the ancient treatise "On the seven wonders of the world". The Greek historian Herodotus was the first to write a list of the seven "wonders". Misconception about the authorship of Philo of Byzantium. The new seven wonders of the world.

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  • Основные этапы развития исторической феминологии. Изучение женщин в рамках традиционных социальных и гуманитарных дисциплин (литература, психология и др.). Создание Совета по национальной женской истории. Этапы отечественных гендерных исследований.

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