Use of protective mouth guards for prevention of traumatizing of dentition system for the persons playing sports

Determination of the number of people who play sports and prevent sports injuries with the help of a dentist. Classification of personal protective equipment for the mouth in accordance with the sport and the criteria for choosing their optimal design.

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  • Finding out the reasons for the increase in the number of people with back pain in modern society. Swimming is one of the best sports for the treatment of the lumbar spine. Development of an auxiliary device for the practice of swimming exercises.

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  • Determining the state of the indicators of the cardiovascular system of medical students, depending on gender, duration of sleep, training regimen and sports. Hemodynamic parameters depending on the climatic and geographical region of residence.

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  • Protective mechanisms against resorption. Requirements for the presence of root resorption. Loss of the protective layer. External root resorption. Minimizing additional damage after the injury. Pharmacological manipulation of the inflammatory response.

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  • Analysis of advantages of a medicated chewing gum over other solid dosage forms for application in the mouth. The methods of obtaining a medicated chewing gum, as well as the basic technological aspects and the equipment applied have been considered.

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  • Protective and therapeutic effects of the associated inactivated suspension of C. albicans and C. tropicalis fungi and the associated antigens of C. albicans fungi with the protein. Compare protective and therapeutic properties of associated antigens.

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  • The technology of manufacturing a combined gel anti-inflammatory and local anesthetic action called "Artproment". Testing of the drug in pharmaceutical and industrial environments and to identify the main parameters affecting its quality and stability.

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  • Main traumatic events involving dental structures. Examination of the patient with dental trauma. Classification of dental injuries. Traumatic injuries to teeth. Soft tissue and bony injuries. The effect of trauma on teeth and supporting tissues.

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  • Features and classification of injuries of the maxillofacial region. Sprains and fractures of teeth. Fractures of the mandible. Jawfall: causes, clinical manifestations. The anatomical shape of damaged residues. Treatment of mandibular fractures.

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  • The design features of the GT System of Instruments and outlines the technique for their safe, effective use. Importance of measuring the apical diameter after initial shape has been completed. Selecting an endodontic treatment system. Hidden curves.

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  • This study was conducted to determine the effectiveness of a method to prevent intracanal breakage of endodontic files. The experimental system effectively reduced the incidence of intracanal instrument fractures and the total number of files consumed.

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