A diagnosis of the banking risk profile in the macroeconomic environment in Syria

Aspects of risks in the banking industry of Syria from the point of view of macroeconomics in the current crisis conditions in the country. Barriers to the development of the banking industry in Syria. Economic sanctions and currency fluctuations.

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  • The behavior of the metallurgical industry under crisis conditions is analyzed. It is concluded that Russia should develop innovative activities in the metallurgical industry. Priorities for reducing production risks and competitiveness in a crisis.

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  • Innovation diffusion theory: theoretical framework and application to banking. The main description and justification of innovation diffusion theory. Alternative point of view on approaches to theory. Wearable devices: from definition to evolution.

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  • Transformation processes that took place in the credit market of Ukraine under the influence of the modern financial and economic crisis. Have been analyzed problems and factors that caused the long stagnation of the credit activity in banking sector.

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  • Regional socio-economic studies. Economics and national economy management. Economy enterprises and industries. Finance and banking, accounting and auditing, macroeconomic research. Macroeconomical problems of inflation in the economy of modern Ukraine.

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  • The idea of money like one of the most fascinating ever developed by man. Historical features of the use of coins in trade relations. The main factors influencing the value of currency. The importance of the banking system for the modern mankind.

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  • Research of channel of monetary transmission, associated with household liquidity effect. Analysis of dynamics of share of national currency deposits in liabilities of banking system. Study of role of banking system in formation of consumer demand.

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  • Environmental aspects of food production. Economic development of food industry. Comparative analysis of environmental payments that are presented for payment and actually paid by the companies in the region, the volumes of the capital investments.

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  • The importance of micro and small enterprises in the economies of European and Asian countries. Creation of fair market conditions, convenient banking regulation and correction of the legal framework to support the growth of enterprises in Russia.

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  • The concept and nature of economic sanctions. Their impact on the Russian business environment. International trade in the conditions of economic sanctions in Russia. Strategy of trading companies in confronting the negative impacts of sanctions.

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  • The content and specific risks of regional development, the identification of possible negative consequences of these risks. Analysis of the problems of socio-economic development of the regions of Ukraine, improve the regional risk management system.

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