Communicative properties of improvisation in contemporary music

Study of the phenomenon of improvisation in contemporary musical creativity and its communicative properties. Immanent properties of improvisation, the system of relationships between the composer, performer and listener, manifested in contemporary music.

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  • The problems of determination of dimension of existence of music in philosophical and aesthetic views on art. Consideration of Oswald Spengler musical intentions in relation to the ethos of culture. The implementation of culture styles in music.

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  • Problems presented by the attempt to translate Adorno. Associating the word "analysis" in music with the idea of all that is dead and removed from the living work of art. The music as an event in any adequate analysis of Beethoven. The "holistic" method.

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  • The history of the development of the American and British rock music, its relation to political activities. The expression of youth revolt against the consumer society. Analysis of the famous artists of the style. Musical instruments used at concerts.

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  • Features compilation of musical compositions, their execution in the United Kingdom inherited the European classical traditions of the eighteenth century. The analysis of the most widespread revivalist interpretation of traditional English folk music.

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  • The principles of conceptualism in music. the substantiating of non-traditional interpretation of "Perpetuum mobile"as quasi-genre. The trinity of musical semantics was revealed. Levels of organization of the performance for mixed choir by V. Muzhchyl.

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  • Time as musical problem. Dynamization and negation time by painting, Raumkunst. Syncretism, the vague notion of an undialectical continuum of arts in general. The pseudomorphosis toward painting, one of the key categories for Stravinsky. Language of art.

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  • Creating the main forms of canonical worship as a musical genre - Liturgy and Vigil - are brought to the light. The identify of historical stages of Orthodox liturgical singing tradition and its transformation into a genre and form of music art.

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  • The history of music in XIX-th century in a form other than that of monographs about the leading composers, interspersed with outlines of cultural history which find room for the "minor masters". The composers of the works which constitute the "canon".

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  • The origins and traditions of Ancient Music UK. Areas of Madrigal British school based on the Italian model, in the fifties and in the modern period. Long history of border ballads Northumbria. Features and stages of development of British rock music.

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  • The American revolution in music. Review the history of the emergence of Jazz. Features the music of country style. Elvis Presley - a most popular American singer, musician and actor. The development of literature, cinema and art in the United States.

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