Change strategy and management organization of Shipping Company as respond to severe market conditions

Literature Review and Methodology. Influence of the global economic crisis on Shipping Industry. Relations between marine transportation, trade and the finance. The strategies of shipping lines operators. Approach for market strategy of Precious Shipping.

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  • Review of the problem of formation of models and human resource management strategies in Ukrainian enterprises. Analysis of methodological approaches to the management of labor resources of the enterprise. Osobennoti definition of personnel strategy.

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  • International human resources management like the most vital topic in the world economy now. Basic sights at firm strategy in personnel selection at an exit on the new market. Description of method of competencies, used by the American company.

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  • The feasibility of using a strategic approach in the process of mass layoffs has been determined. The developed countries' experience of tackling the mass layoffs has been analyzed and the implementation of a rapid response strategy on Ukrainian market.

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  • A look at strategic processes from historical of view. A comparative analysis of schools of strategic management. The relationship between the choice of the accounting and management strategy of the company, its creation by predicting the future.

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  • Personnel management as a factor in organizational strategy. Use of information technologies to establish the relationship between personnel and the goals of the organization. The concept of business intelligence in the context of personnel strategy.

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  • Theoretical aspects, elements of the methodology for modeling business environment international company based on the value-added chain. Accounting the socioeconomic infrastructural and market components. Companies’ activities for management goals.

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  • Modern management concepts and factors of company in the aspect of its growth strategy are. The increase in the capitalization of an enterprise of a complete cycle of cognac production through organizational and economic transformations of the production.

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  • Integration of the global and business environment. Corporate social responsibility at the modern enterprise. Making profit as the main goal of the company. The internal environment of the organization, its influence on the management decisions.

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  • Characteristics of the mission and goals of the company. The location and Laundry facilities. Market analysis and key competitors. Pricing strategy in this field. Brief description of the office. The preparation of the financial plan of the organization.

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  • Integration of Ukraine into the global economy. The sustainable development and competitiveness in a highly competitive, economic crisis. The real ways of adapting staff to a market economy. Motivation as an effective personnel management factor.

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