Lawyer in sphere of trade

Why did I choose the theme "lawyer in sphere of trade". About what I want to talk in my academic research. Steps that I will undertake in order to become a lawyer. Trade lawyer his activities, where he can work Important qualities for trade lawyer.

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  • Trade and globalization. International trade in history (differences of international trade today from economic exchange conducted centuries ago in its speed, volume, geographic reach and diversity). Efforts to manipulate trade international.

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  • Public nature of lawyer discipline proceedings. Civil law sanctions. The role of punishment in crime reduction and community protection. "Core" and "systemic" human security clusters. Empirical and analytical basis for person rights assessments.

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  • The characteristic of a choice of career as one of the most important decisions in human life. The most demanded trades: doctors, drivers, teachers, scientific, sellers, engineers. Satisfaction from work as the important criterion of a choice of a trade.

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  • Concept of external ekonomik activity, management and regulation. System and legal status bodies of manadgement foreign trade activities. Ways of perfection organizationally-legal regulation foreign trade activities of a Republic of Uzbekistan.

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  • Consideration of architectonics of the concept "marketing" as a subordinate one to the concept "market" which, alongside with other concepts, organizes the conceptual sphere of the basic concept "trade". Sense and schematic components of concept.

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  • Characteristics of the transformation of the economic system towards sustainable nature management. Conducting research on the primary contradictions of the impact of trade cooperation on the formation of areas of global environmental interaction.

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  • The catastrophe of the World Trade Centre in New York. The economic and financial imbalances that built up during the late 1990's. The manufacturing activity of the country. The indirect evidence of the tough state of staff policy in American companies.

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  • Study of the semantic nature of certain groups, which are based on common features in related languages. Certain categories of semantic fields in the theory of cognitivists. Features of the selection of semantic classifications as verbalizers of concepts.

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  • Geographic and socio-economic description of the Krasnodar Territory. Analysis of the level of industrial cooperation between Serbia and Russia. The strengths of agriculture and tourism in the region. A study of trade relations with other countries.

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  • Customer experience and the decision-making process of buying in automotive retail. Analysis of the search for solutions for benchmarking. Carry out a survey of experts in marketing and consumer surveys in the transport trade of the Russian Federation.

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