Organisation of scientific works in Sweden

Analysis of the report of the world-renowned scientist in the field of experimental molecular physics and molecular spectroscopy. Systems of financing of scientific activity in Sweden. Consideration of the procedure for awarding the Nobel Prize.

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  • A lifestory of Alfred Nobel - a Swedish chemist and the inventor of dynamite who established the Nobel Prize. Many of the companies founded by Nobel have developed into industrial enterprises that still play a prominent role in the world economy.

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  • The activities of the Agrarian Scientific Committee of Ukraine, headed by Vernadsky. Coordination of research institutions of the People's Commissariat of land issues related to agriculture. Achievements of the Committee of Agricultural Sciences.

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  • The results of E. Rutherford's scientific work with J.J. Thomson on the conductive effects of x-rays on gases at Cambridge. History of development of scintillation screens of zinc sulfide, ionization chambers for alpha calculation by these scientists.

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  • Analysis of works by pupils, written in May 1946 about their life during the Second World War and occupation. Attempt to reconstruct value orientations, stereotypes, emotional experiences of children associated with their own military experience.

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  • Correspondence of the Russian Agent from Rome during the First World War concerning armed orders. Everyday military expenses of Russia. The letter of the war agent in Italy. Consideration of features of activity officers and soldiers of the front line.

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  • Sweden ceded Finland to Russia according to the Hamina peace treaty. The Finnish civil war began. The Bolshevik government did recognize this political act on the last day of 1917. Cooperation, as a political stance, was now discontinued in state.

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  • Biography of Zellig Sabbettai Harris, who was a renowned american linguist, mathematical syntactician. Culmination of Harris's linguistic work in the companion books A Grammar of English on Mathematical Principles and A Theory of Language and Information.

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  • The reasons that led to the creation of a special type of urbanization in Sweden. Studying the reasons for the relationship of cities and shopping places. Description of the reasons that led to the emergence of urban settlements of a special type.

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  • Andreas Vesalius - the founder of modern human anatomy. Family, early life and education. Contributions and achievements. Later life and death. Scientific and historical impact. Vesalius interest in the medical field. The study of the human body.

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  • The great work of subjugation and conquest. The welfare of the world capitalist system. Systems of illegitimate authority in every corner of the social, political, economic and cultural worlds. Different World orders old and new in Latin America.

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