General considerations of stylistic classification of the English vocabulary

Neutral, common literary and colloquial vocabulary. The stock of words forming the neutral stratum. Special literary vocabulary Terms. The stylistic effect of the medical terminology used by Cronin in novel "The Citadel". Special colloquial vocabulary.

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  • The definition of concept and term "neologism". Methods of forming and translation neologisms. Means of translation of modern neologisms. Translating difficulties of neologisms in the modern vocabulary and lexical transformations of neologisms in texts.

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  • The highlighting of the main features of the religious vocabulary in the source text of the Dan Brown’s novel Angels and Demons according to the existent principles of its classification. The analyzing of the vocabulary translation in the target text.

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  • Borrowings as a way of replenishment of the vocabulary. Criteria of borrowings in English. Historical contacts between Russia and Britain. Russian loan words in English. Words of foreign origin borrowed from Russian. Changes of the Russian borrowings.

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  • Indo-European and Germanic Influences. The development of the English under the influence of other cultures. The linguistic division between the layers of the population. The principal distinction between early- and late-modern English is vocabulary.

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  • The study of historical dynamics and linguistic change in the making of the modern English language. Comparative analysis of national versions of the vocabulary. The study of the classification of related languages. Features of regional dialects.

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  • Features of using slang in oral speech between friends. Slang as special vocabulary used by any set of people of low or doubtful nature, language of low and vulgar type. The main reasons for the use of slang people. The popularity of slang in Kazakhstan.

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  • The concept of borrowing, particularly borrowing in the English language. The richness of vocabulary of a foreign language. Features of the distribution of Russian words in the English language, the classification of borrowings denoting concepts.

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  • Program of comparative lexicology course of English and Ukrainian languages. The study of the theory of word formation, semantic structure of words and phraseology of the English and Ukrainian languages, etymology, the characteristics of vocabulary.

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  • Analysis of the system of knowledge and skills in the field of foreign language and foreign vocabulary as a component, the possession of which ensures the development of contextual thinking. Formation of attention, perception, memory and subjectivity.

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  • The borrowing process as the reflection of cultural contacts. The impact of historical events on the development of English vocabulary. Potential of the borrowings in English language. Classification of borrowings according to the degree of assimilation.

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