A bank as a financial institution

The concept of the bank as a financial institution and intermediary that accepts deposits and provides loans. History and mandatory bill details as a written financial obligation, giving the note holder the right to receive money from the debtor.

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  • A bank is a financial intermediary that accepts deposits and channels those deposits into lending activities, either directly by loaning or indirectly through capital markets. Examples of statutory definitions banking business. Since the advent of EFTPOS.

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  • The concept and the main causes of bad loans, an assessment of their prevalence in modern banking system of Ukraine. Their financial rationale and ways to solve this problem. The process of checking the quality of a bank loan, requirements to it.

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  • Тhe history and practice of central banks and supervisory authorities in identifying systemically important financial institutions and measures on their regulation. New ways of preventing the systemic imbalances. The criteria for determining SIFI.

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  • Study the features of the history of Islamic banking. Characteristics of the aspects of unique financial institution. The main principles of Islamic banking. Review the basics of financial transactions. Purpose and main functions of Tabung Haji.

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  • Features of the functioning of the world economy in modern conditions. World financial crisis. The problematic aspects of the development of the economies of countries and the interrelations between them. Reforming the world financial architecture.

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  • Consideration of the principles of implementation of risk-management in modern conditions. Features of the development scheme of risk management of the Bank. Analysis of the ways of transition of banks to the international financial reporting standards.

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  • Specific features of contemporary financial and banking markets are studied. Recent appearance of a basically new financial institution called "neobank" and its influence on economic environment worldwide are explored. The reasons causing its appearance.

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  • Development of the method of express-analysis of the organization's solvency. The adoption of a principled decision regarding the possibility of granting a loan to an organization in the conditions of economic transformation on the example of Kazakhstan.

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  • Theoretical basis of formation and management of second tier banks’ resources. The concept, structure and management of the bank’s capital. Essence, classification and role of deposits. Bonds and syndicated loans as the main sources of non-deposit funds.

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  • Theoretical bases and improving the regulation and supervision of banking activities in the Republic of Kazakhstan. Financial Supervisory Committee. Implementation of the prudential norms largest second-tier banks. The stability of the banking system.

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