Pragmatics in teaching listening in a second or foreign language: classroom (russian language)

The necessity of teaching listening to foreign students studying Russian as a foreign language, especially from a pragmatic point of view. Attention to teaching understanding of implied meanings which the speaker might mean when making the utterance.

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  • Essence and principles of realization of foreign language teaching methods and techniques used, the criteria for educational effectiveness. Principle of communicative orientation. Effective technologies of teaching a foreign language as a second.

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  • Scientific and educational texts as a tool that is used to illustrate language material for foreign students. Teaching Russian language - one of the main mechanisms of socialization and acculturation in a new multicultural educational environment.

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  • Introduction to the peculiarities of the use of advertising texts in the teaching of a foreign language. Characteristics of modern trends in the methodology of teaching foreign language students. Review of the components of successful advertising text.

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  • The contemporary methods of foreign language teaching. The advantages and disadvantages of using the first language in free classes where the people study English as a second language. The place of L1 in methodology. The data analysis of investigating.

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  • Difficulties in learning a foreign language students who have disabilities, development of effective teaching methods. Multisensory structured language, the correlation value between the stimulation of the self-esteem of students, improved achievement.

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  • Discussion of some aspects of the formation of key competencies of students in teaching foreign languages. Types of competences, formation for solving communication problems in a foreign language. classification of competences of various researchers.

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  • A basic principles of strategy of foreign language teaching. Development of the communicative and cognitive competence. Principles which accentuate the necessity to develop communicative cognitive skills and capacities that are reflected in competences.

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  • The problems of foreign language teaching of professionals in non-traditional spheres. The most world famous Universities, which train specialists of such type. Present-day tendencies in European education in the sphere of foreign language teaching.

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  • Analysis of the notion "quality of education". Main factors that determine efficient teaching of future professionals. Ways of modeling foreign language teaching processes in higher educational establishments from the point of quality management.

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  • Research on the problem of teaching foreign languages to students of higher educational establishments and shaping foreign language communicative competence. Analyse of development of foreign language communicative competence of future professional.

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