An optical "Black box"

The studying an incoming light beam at angle to the first mirror. Processing of illumination of liquid-crystal display. Identifying on the screen precise location corresponding to the desired deflection angle. The bright patterns in a transmitted light.

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  • Identify the best value of the functional for four-layer structures at different angles of light incidence. Calculation of the performance of software developed by the algorithm for solving the problem of optimization of multilayer optical structures.

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  • Computer modeling of fluorescence light quenching is performed with no limitations on the optical wave intensities. Searching for such combinations of polarizations of the interacting waves that provide minimal polarization changes for the waves.

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  • Design of the experimental setup, depending on the time of flight fragment separator COMBAS and multi-channel recording system developed for the study of light exotic nuclei. The use of precise correlation method for resonance spectroscopy collapse.

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  • Familiarity with the features of improving the contact of the front side with the light induction of the solar battery c-Si. Screen printing technology using silver paste as one of the established industrial processes for the production of a solar cell.

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  • The study of the quantum nature of light and its interaction with matter. Mixed States of the electromagnetic field and electrodynamics in the frequency domain. The concept of probability and random variables. Experiments in optical homodyne tomography.

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  • Movement of particles in the dielectric fluid toward the electrode of opposite charge. The study of the electrical and optical properties of the electrophoretic display composition of the suspension. Key factors determining the quality of the image.

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  • Formation fragments emitted at zero angle. Inclusive measurement speed, isotopic and charge distributions of fragments of the reaction by the separator. Making isotopes with increasing number of nucleons, breaks away from the nucleus of the incident ion.

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  • Description of the ion-optical properties and characteristics of prism mass analyzer. The formation and focusing of a parallel ion beam in the mass spectrometer, which allows him to reduce the spherical aberration of the additional focusing system.

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  • Molecular–statistical model of the organization of the epitropic liquid-crystal phase. The experimental temperature dependences of the thickness of the epitropic liquid crystalline layers nitroben zene on quartz. The thermodynamic model parameters.

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  • A time-dependent, force-free, degenerate electrodynamics as a hyperbolic system of conservations laws. A pair of fast waves propagating with the speed of light and a pair of Alfven waves. The upwind schemes for the electrodynamics of black hole.

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