Optimal autopilot design on the basis of genetic algorithm

Calculation of the coefficients autopilot unit for homing rockets based on genetic algorithms in which the autopilot block (AB) quality parameters are considered as the criterion for evaluating the optimality of the AB. Optimality of AB coefficients.

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  • The optimization procedure in computer-aided design problem. The methodic of optimal weight coefficients values choice. The use of structural models in the form of tables and morphological trees of quality variants of the signs of aerial vehicles.

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  • The use of the boundary values of parameters of mould displacement of the earth's surface and refining the workings of the design scheme to predict the trajectory of sedimentation. Determination of empirical coefficients of mathematical equations.

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  • Improving the method of dynamic analysis of mechanical systems dynamic factors dynamic model which can be represented by three-mass system of row with the first driving mass with prestressing elastic drive connections. Finding the dynamic coefficients.

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  • Analysis of the overall stiffness range of most plastics in combination with common efforts to use the thinnest wall thickness possible. Dependence of plastics processing processes on tool quality and process parameters. Basic design considerations.

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  • Learning algorithm of consistent actions to obtain quality coatings made by the complex technological method electrocontact strengthening of sprayed coatings. Analysis Ishikawa diagram which allows identify the causes of the impairment coatings obtained.

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  • Estimating the number of conduction modes can, their evaluation. Analysis of the model for the mean free path for backscattering. Calculation of near equilibrium thermoelectric transfer coefficients. Setting the differences in voltage and temperature.

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  • Two sensor designs of metallic cylindrical resonator Coriolis vibratory gyroscope are analyzed in this work. Resonant frequencies computer modeling results are resented and on their basis gyroscope sensor geometrical parameters choice is validated.

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  • Models which adequately combine technological parameters with indicators of treatment quality have been designed for the cavitation cleaning processes of sewage from organic admixtures. Water of industry and public water use it is considered as sewage.

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  • Research of mathematical model of the process intrusion forming polymer products. Establishing a dependency on the angle of melt costs lifting screw injection unit in the material cylinder based on the geometric parameters of extrusion head and mold.

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  • Design, develop Micro Air vehicle system provides a platform to support a very wide variety of missions for the small unit. Further miniaturization of electronics and sensors these vehicles to become even smaller and to operate in complex environments.

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