A single-period inventory management model with a continuous fuzzy random demand

Algorithm for finding the optimal size of the resource of the shop, the demand for which is an inquiry random variable. The distribution of the law of demand on the basis of statistical data and the mathematical wait of which is a dim triangular number.

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  • Analysis of the basic principles and factors affecting the personnel control process. The impact of supply and demand of manpower companies in the labor market. Characteristics of the personal qualities of leadership for effective management of staff.

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  • Individual and social capital. Sustainability of human capital and economic growth and livelihoods. Education and training. income inequalities. Human choice and resource constraints: case study of water demand in India. Prognostication of human resource.

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  • Research of modern problems in the field of financial management. Creation of proportional and priority methods of resource allocation, on the basis of which a software product was created and tested, allowing to adjust the estimate of the enterprise.

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  • Main functions of the database management system. Creation of a conceptual data model that reflects the structure of information that should be stored in the data bank. The peculiarity of the design of spreadsheets. Use the program to store evidence.

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  • Description of economy and basic economic problems. Types of taxes: progressive, proportional and regressive. Application of law of demand and of Supply. Collusion is a secret arrangement between two or more firms to fix prices or share the market.

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  • Features of qualitative and quantitative characteristics of the property market phases. The main stages the process of constructing a fuzzy model. Determining the accuracy of evaluation criteria pattern. Dynamics of average yield on real estate prices.

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  • Now it is difficult to imagine any area (field) of activity of the person where the help of computers is not in demand. An exit on the market of the new manufacturer of processors under name AMD - Advanced Micro Devices. History of development of company.

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  • Origin and development of accounting in the ancient world. Characteristics of economic activity and demand for information. The system registers the financial registration in pristine Rome. Stagnation era in the bookkeeping in the early middle ages.

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  • The Science of Economics. Microeconomics and Microeconomics. The Future of Economics. Economic Systems: Two Important Distinctions. Supply and Demand. Markets and Monopolies. The Problem of Inflation. Loans in the United Kingdom. The Science of Economics.

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  • Characteristics huge potential objects of different cultural origins Slovakia. Feature demand in developed tourism country. The role of history, culture and art of planning a vacation. The main analysis of monuments and artistic heritage of the state.

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