Information security in computer systems

Practical acquaintance with the capabilities, configuration of firewalls. Information security in computer systems. Identify and control applications. The addition of security devices. Regular inspections of all users, regardless of location or device.

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  • An integrated approach to the study of different kinds of virus attacks that are launched against wireless networks and computer systems. Characteristics of certificate programs provide protective mechanisms and practical tools for information security.

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  • Problems of security of biometric authentication systems and analysis of the author's approach to increasing their reliability. Features and conditions of use of these systems for the security of information resources, their advantages and disadvantages.

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  • Theory and practice for integrating strong security features into modern communications and computer applications. Efficient hardware implementations and speed software for embedded systems, smart cards, microprocessors, hardware and software security.

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  • The structure of an information security program. Creation and implementation of policies and standards. Activity of federal sentencing guidelines for criminal convictions. System and network access control. Conducting a business impact analysis.

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  • The use firewalls to create a demilitarized zone to protect the servers from unauthorized access. The versions of creation of virtual private networks that can combine some geographically distant networks in one network using global information space.

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  • The elements of computer security. Cryptography approaches and attacks. An advanced encryption standard. Key generation and distribution approaches and attacks. The qualities of workable security solutions. The trusted platform module at biometrics.

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  • Information security and risk management. Business continuity and disaster recovery. Legal, regulations, compliance and investigations. Operating system architecture. Information technology security evaluation criteria. LAN media access technologies.

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  • A General idea on the basis of information contained in cryptographic systems. Feature encryption standard "Rijndael". The principles of encoding data with a public key algorithm RSA. Safety standards models of information flow in computer programs.

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  • Analysis procedure synthesis, analysis and architectural and structural construction computing subsystem as part of the information management system security. The criticality of architectural elements and functions of management information system.

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  • The problem of protecting information by transforming it, precluding its reading an outsider. Cryptographic methods of data protection - special encryption, encoding or a conversion. Architecture, devices and addresses applications of cryptography.

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