Peculiarities of the development and implementation of aviation biofuels in Ukraine

The modern problems caused by the activity of aviation industry. The tendency for transition to alternative jet fuels all over the world. Ukrainian experience in development of national policy for introduction of alternative jet fuels into civil aviation.

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  • Description of the role of aviation as a universal means of transport in the modern world. A study of the problems of modern aviation: technical, human factor, economic (taxes and charges, competitors, innovation, fuel), environmental, safety, security.

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  • Aviation as the design, development, production, operation and use of aircraft, especially heavier-than-air aircraft. Manufacturers of civil transport aircraft. A draft failure for realization of hypersonic flight at speeds about six numbers of the Move.

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  • Civil aviation market research in China and Ukraine. Air transport in economics. General description of Beijing International Airport. Analyses on the map Kiev-Beijing (KBP-PEK). Calculation of the route charges. Legislation provision of civil flights.

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  • Features of the development of renewable energy sources in the production of transport biofuels, its importance for the economy of Poland and Ukraine. The main economic, environmental and political factors affecting the development of the biofuels sector.

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  • Biography of Orville and Wilbur Wright, two American brothers, inventors and pioneers of aviation. The history of the invention and the creation of the world's first successful airplane. Modern use of Wright aircraft as the basis for all aircraft.

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  • The history of aviation from the earliest kites and attempts at tower jumping to supersonic, and hypersonic flight by. History of cabin crew. Airport: ownership and operation, products and services, cargo and freight services. Airports traffic pattern.

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  • Analysis of current approaches to the organization of some Ukrainian airports. Review of the national transportation system. Determining the direction and strategies of the main national airports and formation of a new logistics center at the cargo hub.

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  • External factors having impact on the development of logistics globalization, internationalization and integration in all spheres of social life. Necessity of studying and systematizing the factors which influence development of logistics in Ukraine.

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  • Transport as the leading branch of the economy, its main problems. The main objective of logistics in the field of transport. The development of transport logistics in Ukraine, its place and the chances of reaching the level of European countries.

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  • The way to speed traffic of Ukrainian railways. The experience gained by TSIs – the working group of UIC and appropriateness of its use in research on high-speed railways of Ukrainian. Operational length tracks of high-speed railway traffic in the world.

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