Characteristic of forming hypothesis solution in the political thinking process

The peculiarities of political thinking at the stage of hypothesis nomination. The cognitive personality components of the intellective activity of the political actor. A scheme that determines the sequence of the search of solving a political task.

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  • In this article is shown that in making political decisions the Ukrainian political system is more and more influenced by external forces – social organizations, businesses and the International community with the RU and the EU as the dominating actors.

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  • Transitions to democracy: an attempt at a dynamic model. The main trends in the formation of opposition in the modern Russian political process. Transformation of the political system of modern Russian society: institutional and socio-cultural components.

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  • The phenomenon of political protest as effective form of dialogue between citizens and existing power in the process of social, political and economic transformations, since in times of crisis. The main factors influencing on the political process.

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  • The directions of media activity and their importance as the only final policy strategy when politicians began to depend on it on any of its initiatives. Features and evaluation of the effectiveness of using their political leaders at the present stage.

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  • Increasing the number of subjects of social interaction, complicating the challenges of the external environment - the essence of the postmodern political relations. Causes of the crisis in the functioning of political institutions of modern states.

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  • The phenomenon of political identity. The modern situation of estrangement of a significant number of Russian citizens from politics. A factors influencing on forming of included, estranged, conformistic and idealistict types of political identity.

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  • Conformism as a way of political elite existence. The economic and political transformations in the country. The necessity of assessing the conformism level among the high-rank public servants. The features of the Ukrainian political elite formation.

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  • The concept of political culture and value. The social community's consciousness and a set of their actions. Political ideology: the history and theory. The protection and the provision of public interest. The concept of political structure, services.

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  • The concept and structure of political and legal doctrines. Trends of political and legal thought. Relations between the state, society and the individual. Interrelation of ideas, doctrines and political works. Structure of political and legal doctrine.

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  • Determination and history of origin of politics and political science. Constitution, as major and basic политико-правовой normative act. Political system of Great Britain of the USA and Ukraine. Concept of democracy. Basic political leaders of the world.

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