Hans Urs von Balthasar as a "free" theologian

The role of knowing the theological atmosphere of the mid 20h century in Europe for perception of Hans Urs von Balthasar’s theology. The shows some aspects of the theology presented by Balthasar. Biblical idea of finding a person of his mission.

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  • The role of language and community in theological methodology of S.Dzh. Grentsa. Rejection of the referential theory of language and the theory of the correspondence of truth. The modern theory of speech acts. Community in Christian epistemology.

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  • The influence of evangelistic preaching on Christ and the emergence and development of biblical psychology. The discovery of the narrative aspect of the phenomenon, which facilitates the appeal to the spiritual structures of the person of Christ.

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  • Harvard Theological Review - ведущее периодическое издание, в котором освещаются различные аспекты научного изучения религии. Христианская тринитарная теология и философские античные интуиции. Влияние философских и теологических школ на дискурс Оригена.

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  • Religion in Roman histories. Frameworks of religion. Roman deities and theology. Women and religion. Cult and ritual. Vows, prayers, invocations. Sacrifice, omens and prodigies. Funerals and the afterlife. Participation in traditional religious rituals.

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  • Studying the views of the Canadian theologian of Grenz's. Analysis principles of the formation of the church community, its influence on the formation of the individual. Investigation of behavioral features of the community of the followers of Christ.

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  • Studying the fate of a woman on the pages holy texts. Clarification of the characteristics of the spiritual status widow, analysis of its sacred context in the biblical tradition and Ukrainian folklore, awareness of the phenomenon of their loneliness.

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  • The texts of the scripture are thoroughly investigated in which the role of a woman in family is revealed. The moral consciousness and stimulation of a virtuous activity a woman in the modern world. Primary sources on the history of early Christianity.

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  • Investigation of the main reasons that shape Islam's negative image in Europe. An analysis of the formulated and Muslim-dependent points. Characterization of the role of radicals, nationalist parties in creating and spreading the negative image of Islam.

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  • Religious identity among Lebanese immigrants in Moscow. Perception of personal religion and others’ religion through practice dressing, prayer. Perception of personal religion in relation to other religions and politics. Shia and Sunni division.

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  • The study of the Islamic component of the pan-Asian movement in Japan in the first half of the XX century. Translation of the Quran into Japanese by the philosopher and scholar T. Izutsu. The image of the prophet Muhammad as a key figure of Islam.

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