Elements of implementation of innovative economic model in enterprises of Ukraine

The regimes of internationalization of the sphere of science, technologies and innovations and methods of increasing the competitiveness of positions in the world market of goods and services. Principles of constructing an innovative economic model.

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  • Globalization as the process of global economic, political, cultural and religious integration and unification. Trade – employment linkage by Holgerg G Social protection and Unemployment insuranceorg. The weakening of the economic impact on employment.

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  • Description of economy and basic economic problems. Types of taxes: progressive, proportional and regressive. Application of law of demand and of Supply. Collusion is a secret arrangement between two or more firms to fix prices or share the market.

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  • Energy management as a financial instrument that can provide enterprises with economies of scale through the implementation of a sound policy for the production and use of energy resources. Applications of benchmarking, outsourcing and coaching.

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  • Opening of determination of suggestion in English and analysis of his structure. Structural elements of suggestion and his decline are in modern English. Methods of decline of suggestion by the abstract of control of syntax and model of decision tree.

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  • Lexicography as a science which makes numerous methods of compiling dictionaries worth considering. Characteristic of the model of bilingual glossary of electronic dictionary. Analysis of the basic opportunities of computer lexicography exposition.

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  • Description and features of hotel services, the list of requiring payment and free of charge services. Types of additional services which are given in tourist complexes of Ukraine. Organization of domestic consumer, transport, leisure services in hotels.

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  • Economics is the branch of social science that studies the production, distribution, and consumption of goods and services. The term economics comes from the Greek for oikos (house) and nomos (custom or law), hence "rules of the house(hold)."

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  • The need to develop a strategy for the digital transformation of university education and the formation of new information and communication competencies. Possible directions of transformation of educational services and accompanying business processes.

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  • The issues Safety and security in Europe. Construction of European Union for providing of economic and public solidarity. History steps in construction of European Economic Community. Integration in overcoming of age-old enmity between European countries.

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  • Research on the development of the Spanish national-marked concept aventurismo during the XVI-XX centuries. Its close ties with other key elements of the national conceptual sphere are established. Ways of representing the concept in the language world.

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