Elements of implementation of innovative economic model in enterprises of Ukraine

The regimes of internationalization of the sphere of science, technologies and innovations and methods of increasing the competitiveness of positions in the world market of goods and services. Principles of constructing an innovative economic model.

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  • Effective areas of activity of tourist companies that have an impact on improving the competitiveness of tourism services. Technical, economic and organizational methods of improvement. Feature of satisfaction of consumer demand and profit maximization.

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  • Features of the implementation of environmental policy of the European Union through economic mechanisms and instruments for its implementation. Analysis of the possibility of introducing European approaches for preserving the environment in Ukraine.

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  • Terminological sphere in new branches of economic science, new economic theories that have appeared in the period of market economic relations development. The main ways of word formation in general and in particular the terms of word formation.

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  • Characteristic of organization and visualization as principles for successful teaching language. Analysis of innovative methods to encourage students to practice reading. Characteristic of concentration games for checking knowledge over the vocabulary.

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  • Sign of the concept of "world model" as a key to self-expression and life of man. Analysis of the global conception as a continual system of meanings that are constructed in the process of interpersonal interaction in interpreting texts subcultures.

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  • Characteristics of the concept of changes in the logistics system as one of the major economic complexes in the world literature on economics. The peculiarity of business transformation and the essence of increasing the competitiveness of an enterprise.

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  • The lexical composition of the economic discourse. The functional characteristics of the terminological jargon units. The conventional and nonce innovations of the economic discourse. The create generating systemic and non-systemic lexical units.

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  • Analysis of topical issues of global economic relations in the system of the national economy. Characteristics of the economic-legal model of improving foreign-political relations. Feature of identification of innovation and integration factors.

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  • Circs, factors and features of the continuous implementation of innovative management tools by international firms as the basis for their global competitiveness. Analysis of consulting companies related to the development of corporate governance tools.

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  • Problems of regional alignment for economies in transition. Research of features of innovative management of development of establishment of regions. The main analysis of the concept of privatization and denationalization of innovations in Ukraine.

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