Effective methods of teaching English

Theoretical aspect of effective methods of teaching. The bases, effective ways and techniques of teaching a foreign language (communicative teaching method; project method; the method of debates; games and role play). Practical aspect of ways of teaching.

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  • Theoretical bases of testing. The history of testing and the meaning of testing methods. Types of tests. Testing as a method of motivation of pupils in teaching English language. Сlassification of tests and description their advantages and disadvantages.

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  • Basic methods of communication in teaching a foreign language from a traditional to a modern perspective. The analysis of traditional (audio lingualism, direct method) and non-traditional (lino library, sketch, role-playing, round table) teaching methods.

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  • This article deals with the issues of teaching the lexis in the english language, also tackles the issue of the lexical aspect and the problems of selecting lexical material at different stages of training. Methods of teaching foreign languages.

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  • A history of language teaching. The nature of approaches and methods in language teaching. The Oral Approach and Situational Language Teaching. Communicative Language Teaching. Total Physical Response. Comparing and evaluating methods: some suggestions.

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  • Advantages and disadvantages of using games in language teaching. Various types of games in teaching. Games in different kinds of classes. Appropriate situations to use or not to use games in language teaching. Investigation amongst adult learners.

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  • Teaching vocabulary as the basis for forming four main skills. Basic steps of building vocabulary. Theoretical background of teaching: principles, audio-lingual method. Types of activities. Presentation of new lexical material. The role of performance.

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  • The study of typology of a foreign language for the aims of teaching. The task of the teacher is to work out the system of exercises aimed at correcting, eliminating mistakes. Of methods and techniques of teaching particular sounds and their variants.

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  • Necessity to develop citizens’ knowledge of foreign languages. Development of system of study of foreign language in the field of speaking skills. G.V. Rogova "Methods of teaching English" and J.J. Jalolov "English language teaching methodology".

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  • Characteristic of organization and visualization as principles for successful teaching language. Analysis of innovative methods to encourage students to practice reading. Characteristic of concentration games for checking knowledge over the vocabulary.

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  • The content, forms and methods of preparation for self-educational activity, which are effective in the conditions of a multidisciplinary university. Analysis of the teaching of specialized disciplines to motivate students to independent education.

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