History of Laptops

The laptop as a portable personal computer, in the case of which combined typical PC components, including display, keyboard, and the device instructions and the battery. Active matrix display technology and color screens. Wireless: Enabler for Mobility.

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  • The role of information technology in human life. The use of personal computers, television monitors, slide projectors, videodisc players, multimedia systems and the Internet. Office furniture. Communication in organizations. As for color harmony.

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  • Characteristics and use of a RGB color space. Methods transmission colors in images. Working RGB color space for applications. Their use in order to minimize the image space. Analysis of digital image processing and conversion. Future RGB Display spaces.

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  • Description of the main optional devices. TabletPC, processing power and hard drive. Scanner is an input device to the PC color or black and white images from paper. Basic user data: resolving power, scan speed, specifications. Printer, mouse, keyboard.

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  • Information technology - a broad class of disciplines and areas of activity related to technology creation, preservation, management and processing of data, including the use of computer technology. The information technology industry. Search engine.

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  • This history on key moments of evolution electronic digital computer: the transformation of the computer from a specialized scientific instrument to a commercial product; the beginning of personal computing and the spread of networking after 1980s.

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  • Universal device for the processing, transmission, exchange and storage of information. Role of computer in modern life. The spread of the Internet and its using in common life. Embodiment of achievements of modern information technologies in real life.

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  • The computer graphics is one of the popular directions of use of the personal computer. Benefits of the program Corel Draw. Importing files of different formats. Standard window interface. Tools for drawing lines. Change the shape and color of objects.

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  • Study the history of the development of high-tech equipment to help people in case of natural disasters. The description of creating a rescue robot with wireless control sensor. Its main advantages: high noise immunity and low power consumption.

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  • Creating your own drawing in the AutoCAD. The command window. Using the mouse as a control. Selecting drawing template files and a unit of length when drawing. Unit display settings. Determine the scale required to print a layout on standard size paper.

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  • An integrated approach to the study of different kinds of virus attacks that are launched against wireless networks and computer systems. Characteristics of certificate programs provide protective mechanisms and practical tools for information security.

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