History of democracy of Britannic

Historical background of democracy. The history of parliament. Years of dawn of Britannic democracy. Britannic democracy and Wales democracy. The political representation of Wales before the coming of Reform. The Early Governors of New South Wales.

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  • The eighth wonder of Wales is the survival of language in the face of almost impossible odds. The journey far back into history that to account for the abrupt linguistic change from English into Welsh. Nationalism of Wales is the civilization of Wales.

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  • Выявление и интерпретация структуры языковой репрезентации высшей политической ценности "демократия" в речах американских президентов и характера языкового воздействия исследуемых речей. Сегментная структура аксиологического концепта "Democracy".

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  • Wales is the only Celtic nation with a completely unbroken tradition of harp music, where the music, technique, and style have been passed down orally from harper to harper over the centuries. Research of distinctive features of a folk music in Wales.

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  • History of the Commonwealth of Australia. A constitutional democracy of the country, three branches of government. States and territories of Australia, geography and environment. Flora and fauna. Prosperous, Western-style mixed economy of the country.

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  • Life of the Celts: the first Celts in Wales, farmling, celtic family life, housing, welsh gold, fortification, language, religion, society, women. The role of Druids in celtic society. The celts at war. Celtic appearance and art. Welsh mythology.

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  • The language of Wales belongs to a branch of Celtic, is a distant cousin to Irish and Scots. Despite its formidable appearance to the uninitiated, that language whose spelling is regular and phonetic, you can learn to read it without too much difficulty.

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  • Wales as a part of the United Kingdom and is located in a wide peninsula in the western portion of the island of Great Britain. The daffodil - a Welsh national emblem. The Cathedral of St David's in Pembrokeshire like a popular place of pilgrimage.

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  • United Kingdom of Great Britain and North Ireland. Geographical Position of the British Isles. Britannic history. State structure. The two emblems of English lions. Culture, customs and traditions of the United Kingdom of Great Britain. "Union Jack".

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  • Great Britain - island nation in the north- west of Europe. Great Britain - one of the largest states in Europe , nuclear power and permanent member of the UN Security Council. England, Scotland, Wales, Northern Ireland as the four historic provinces.

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  • Events that shaped the history of English. Сharacteristic of the vocabulary of Old English. History of Middle English (1100-1500 years). Features of Modern English: Early Modern (1500-1800 years) and Late Modern (1800-present). English language in Canada.

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