History of the Poltava VG Korolenko National Pedagogical University

Description, history of becoming and development of Poltava National Pedagogical University. Modern state of this educational establishment, prospects of his development in the future. Specialities which are prepared by Pedagogical National University.

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  • Description, history and interesting facts of the Smithsonian museum, the National air and space Museum, National Museum of American History, National Museum of the American indian, National Museum of Natural History, the National Gallery of Art.

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  • The higher education in Great Britain. The Oxford University, its history, structure of the university, sources of knowledge, the famous graduates of the university. Substantial donations, loans, and purchases of the museums in Oxford University.

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  • History of creation Oxford University - the second oldest surviving university in the world. His organization and structure, sources of financing, collections. The admission process for undergraduates. Scholarships and financial support. Oxford in media.

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  • Review the history of national clothes: tartan, kilt and Bashkir clothes. Comparative analysis and description of the Scottish and Bashkir costumes. The study of the national dress as the display memory of the past, of traditions and national mentality.

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  • History and basic stages in the development of sterling as the currency of Great Britain, one of the first national currencies in the world. Some uncertainty as to the origin of the term "pound sterling". Currency this value today and its prospects.

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  • The need to develop a strategy for the digital transformation of university education and the formation of new information and communication competencies. Possible directions of transformation of educational services and accompanying business processes.

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  • Harvard University, sometimes simply refer to as Harvard, is a private university in Massachusetts. Charter creating Collegiate School. Leland Stanford, the university's founder. The Stanford University Libraries and Academic Information Resources.

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  • Contradictions between the requirements of the state to organize a constructive pedagogical process in educational institutions. Use in the practice of training teachers training, special training professionally directed organization of student leisure.

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  • The University of London is the largest university in the UK by number of full-time students. It consists of 18 self governing Colleges and 10 specialist research Institutes. The nine largest institutions of the federal university termed the colleges.

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  • Intrusion of the model of management of the presentation activity of general educational institutions for students of the courses of continuing education of the institutes of postgraduate pedagogical education. Enhance the image of the target audience.

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