Endovascular devascularization of hypervascular tumors in neurooncology

Examination of the results of endovascular devascularization tumors to develop new approaches to the treatment of hypervascular neoplasms in neurooncology. Estimation of the volume of bleeding during removal of tumors sirgical after devascularization.

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  • The concept and clinical picture of an adenoid cystic carcinoma as a rare form of a malignant tumor with epithelial origin. Justification of the choice of the scheme of its optimal treatment, surgical approach and the degree of radical tissue removal.

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  • A case where a second orthograde retreatment was successful in the management of an infected mandibular right first molar that previously had received both orthograde and retrograde treatment. Diagnosis and treatment of the periapical radiolucency.

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  • Acquaintance with the etiology lymphadenitis - an inflammation of the lymph node. Definition and characteristics of the main forms of treatment of purulent lymphadenitis - surgical. Examination and analysis of the symptoms of the investigated disease.

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  • The analysis of archival medical records of patients with treatment-resistant depression for the period from 1991 to 2010. Clinical and therapeutic indicators that allow establishing the patterns for pathomorphism of treatment resistant depression.

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  • Eliminate infection from the root canal system and the periradicular tissues. Periradicular surgery is an option of endodontic re-treatment when root canal treatment and re-treatment fails. Reviews the use of re-surgery in the treatment of failed cases.

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  • The results of the research on the epidemiological morbidity and mortality of malignant neoplasm of trachea, bronchus and lung in Ukraine as a whole and in the regions. The justification of the priorities of cancer struggle.

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  • Intentional replantation is an accepted endodontic treatment procedure in which a tooth is extracted and treated outside the oral cavity and then inserted into its socket. Intentional replantation is indicated when other endodontic treatments have failed.

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  • The rationale and techniques for treatment of the non-vital immature tooth. The treatment of choice for necrotic teeth is apexification, which is induction of apical closure to produce more favorable conditions for conventional root canal filling.

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  • Developing the extremely dangerous and a serious infectious illness in young children. The conditions of treatment in hospital in case of pneumonia. The functional diagnostics of disease in infants. The treatment of bacterial and viral pneumonia.

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  • Post-surgical patient management. Management of post-surgical bleeding and swelling. Prevention and management of post-surgical pain. Post-surgical infection and antibiotic considerations. Post-surgical supportive therapy. Important patient restrictions.

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