Hair replacement procedures

General characteristics, main stages of medical procedures to restore hair. Features of these procedures on different parts of the body, indications for their use. Used medications, methods and techniques. Evaluation of effectiveness of the procedures.

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  • Blood - bodily fluid in humans and other animals that delivers necessary substances, nutrients and oxygen to the cells. Transporting metabolic waste products. Infectious disorders of blood. Medical procedures in human poisoning by carbon monoxide.

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  • With the obvious advantages of one-visit endodontics and the short-term outcomes favoring its use, that this treatment mode has become prevalent. Mechanisms of bacterial action in endodontic infections. Endodontic procedures and their effectiveness.

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  • The removal of metallic obstructions is an part of endodontic retreatment procedures. The characteristic of the Masserannkit, post pullers, the Canal-Finder-System, ultrasonic systems. Metal root canal obturators. Individually fabricated cast posts.

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  • General characteristics and features of medical education in the United States, its structure and subdivisions. Subject areas of research and medical schools at various levels. Requirements for the graduates, their professional and personal qualities.

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  • General characteristics of the root anatomy. Familiarity with the features of the instrument, using a dental surgery. Analysis of features of the use of dentin-bonding techniques. Compomers role in surgical dentistry. Preliminary stages of restoration.

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  • Characteristics of the uninfected root canal surface. Extirpated pulp and SEM view of pulp separating from dentine surface with odontoblastic processes. Mechanical properties of dentine in teeth with vital and non-vital pulps. Effect on canal contents.

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  • The reasons why immunoadsorption (IA) might be used at the place of plasmapheresis. The prerequisites needed to implement immunoadsorption. The four phases in the IA technique. The management of hemodialysis procedures and IA circuits simultaneously.

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  • Blood transfusion is the process of receiving blood products into one's circulation intravenously. Pre-transfusion procedures. A bag containing one unit of fresh frozen plasma. Compatibility testing. Neonatal transfusion. Massive transfusion protocol.

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  • Mechanical irritants to the dental pulp, operative procedures, orthodontic movement. Chemical irritants to the dental pulp. Microbial irritants, bacteria colonize the cavity floor and the arrows depict aspirated odontoblasts in the dentinal tubules.

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  • The Ministry of Health - a central executive body in the Government of the Republic of Kazakhstan. Analysis of the main medical universities that educate students. The features of the Kazakh state program on liquidation of a epidemic of diabetes.

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