Isothiazolium Salts and Their Use as Components for the Synthesis of S, N-Heterocycles

Benzisothiazolium Salts. Heterocyclic Annulated Isothiazolium Salts. Structure. X-ray Diffraction. Molecular Spectra. Analytical methods. Reactivity, general survey. Oxidation to Sultims and Sultams. Ring Transformation in Other Heterocyclic Compounds.

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  • Reactivity and Annulation of Another Ring to an Isoxazole Ring. Reactivity at the Ring Atoms. Reactivity of the Substituents. Syntheses of Condensed Heterocyclic Systems from Aminoisoxazoles. Ring Openings and Rearrangements. Synthesis of Aminoisoxazoles.

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  • Critical reviews on "Heterocyclic Compounds" within topic-related volumes dealing with all aspects such as synthesis, reaction mechanisms, structure complexity, reactivity, stability, biology, pharmacological aspects, applications in material sciences.

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  • Advances in heterocyclic chemistry. Molecular cascade and the formation of heterocyclic compounds and their impact on cost and waste reduction in the use of natural resources for production, the impact on the environment, energy and resource conservation.

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  • Applications heterocyclic compounds; approaches to synthesis. Familiarization with effective conversion of organic compounds into valuable fluorinated products. The use of fluorinated triazoles for the protection of metals and alloys from corrosion.

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  • Catalytic, electrical, optical and magnetic properties of cobalt sulfide. Chemical structure and application of inorganic compounds and salts the sulfurous acid. Brief description of the structure of pyrite. Methods for the synthesis of the metals.

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  • By Reaction with Alkyl Halides. Nucleophilic Addition. Oxidation of Ring Carbon Atoms Followed by Addition. Reduction of Exocyclic Double Bonds. Ring Cleavage Reactions. Coupling of Pyrazol-3-ones with Aryl Diazonium Salts. Oxidative Coupling, silylation.

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  • The method of synthesis of fluorinated heterocycles. The use of mono- and 1,3-dicarbonyl substrates and their nitrogen-containing analogues. Biological activity, physical and chemical properties of heterocyclic compounds with perfluoroalkyl groups.

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  • Synthesis and reactions of heterocyclic compounds in chemistry. Three- and four-membered heterocycles: heterocycles with one heteroatom (oxiranes, thiiranes, aziridines). Five-membered heterocycles: heterocycles with one, two, three and four heteroatom.

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  • Convenient method of synthesis of optically active oxamoylaminoacids. Compounds have significant hepatoprotective, antiinflammatory and immunodepressant activities with low toxicity. Influence of investigated sudstances on rarametrs of specific immunity.

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  • Synthesis methods development of ionic liquids based on quaternary ammonium salts, their application as components of the polymeric electrolytes for electrochemical devices. Рroperties of liquids depending on the structure of cationic and anionic parts.

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