Regional convergence and innovative management

Problems of regional alignment for economies in transition. Research of features of innovative management of development of establishment of regions. The main analysis of the concept of privatization and denationalization of innovations in Ukraine.

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  • Theoretical aspects of management decision-making and especially in innovation. The main types, models, and styles of solution production in the field of nnovation. Characteristics of international experience and the ability to use it in practice.

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  • Analysis of the low level of technical and technological base and qualification of the personnel of enterprises of alcohol industry. Characteristics of the research of the system of innovative orientation of the production activity of companies.

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  • Assessment of the main factors affecting the price the mergence and acquisition. They take into account when making decisions in the financial management training. Improving knowledge on the state of the target company from both buyers and sellers from.

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  • Studying the characteristics of the main discussion on the management of organizational culture at the methodological and technological levels. The main analysis of the order technology synthesis with an improvisational approach in management psychology.

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  • Features of strengthening intercultural relations and the development of languages at the lexical level. Obstacles to correct neologisms. Problems of innovation in modern Ukrainian and English. Innovative processes in phonetics, lexicology, phraseology.

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  • An analysis of the practical application of knowledge in the field of operation. Characteristics of the main levels and spheres of management. Study horizontal organizational structure. The peculiarity of managerial skills of the company manager.

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  • Benefits of issuing municipal bonds to local authorities and their attractiveness for potential investors. Types of institutions in the financial infrastructure of the region operating in developed countries and their role in financing regional needs.

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  • The regimes of internationalization of the sphere of science, technologies and innovations and methods of increasing the competitiveness of positions in the world market of goods and services. Principles of constructing an innovative economic model.

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  • Research of the functioning and development of the system of providing administrative services by public authorities in Ukraine. Problems and obstacles to the introduction of information technology in the centers of provision of managerial services.

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  • Characteristics of the concept of class management. The peculiarity of the interaction of teacher and student in school. Analysis of the prevention of destructive behavior. The main ways to attract the attention of students. Using board organizations.

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