Hadrons metrics simulation on the yang-mills equations

The consider the Yang-Mills theory in connection with the Einstein and Maxwell equations. The model of a metric satisfying the basic requirements of particle physics and cosmology is proposed. The basic equations of the model of the cosmological scale.

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  • A theory of electromagnetic wave multiple scattering by ensemble of dielectric and conductive bodies, with describing the excited currents inside bodies of electric field tensor T-scattering operator. A system of equations for currents on surfaces.

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  • The results of the experiment satisfactorily in the framework of the microscopic diffraction nuclear model taking into account the interaction in the final state. The main process leading to appearance of deuterons in the output channel of reaction.

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  • Characteristic the model of chaotic behavior of nucleons in nuclei, based on the model of nuclear interactions and the Fermi-Dirac statistics. The results of the study and a graphic representation of the chaotic behavior of nucleons in the coupled system.

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  • Investigation the tribological system behavior with help of the thermodynamic model, which takes into consideration the dependence of the effective polymeric lubricant viscosity on the temperature and velocity gradient within phase transition model.

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  • The problem of decomposition of the relativistic equations for two particles in powers of 1/c to higher orders. Salpeter equation-Breit for hermitian forms with interaction. Generating functions for the first iteration of the transformed hamiltonian.

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  • The model of chaotic behavior nucleons in nuclei, based on the model of nuclear interactions and the Fermi-Dirac statistics. Energy potential of nucleons at a constant temperature in the range of parameters. Discrete model of the energy levels in nuclei.

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  • Simple models describing dipole radiative strength functions in medium and heavy nuclei. Basic parameters of the giant dipole resonances and their error. Phenomenological model to describe the kind of asymmetric dipole radiative strength functions.

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  • Calculation of equations for determination of the quadrupole spin fluctuations nuclear ellipsoid of inertia. Determination of mass, quasi-classical, hydrodynamic option for turning y-rigid, based on the measure of the energy of nuclei along y-axis.

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  • The concept and characteristics of the electric current. Analysis of linear DC circuits. Applying Kirchhoff's in electrical engineering. The nodal equations for complex amplitudes. Representation of harmonic oscillations with the help of complex numbers.

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  • Development of model for prestellar clouds. Thermal and chemical evolution. Effects of cosmic microwave background radiation. Role of metals in dust phases: a minimum model for metallicity effects. Reduced chemical model for low-metallicity clouds.

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