Judaism and the Jewish People

Features of judaism and the Jewish People. The Jewish Diaspora and Israel. The First Crusade. Anti-Jewish Myths: desecrating the Host and committing ritual murder. Patterns of Discrimination. "Usury". The Jewish Community. Expulsions and the Black Death.

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  • Studying the views of the Canadian theologian of Grenz's. Analysis principles of the formation of the church community, its influence on the formation of the individual. Investigation of behavioral features of the community of the followers of Christ.

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  • Analysis of the problem of the church (Russian Orthodoxy) as an institution that performs values and patterns of behavior in the secular context of their occurrence, built by people around God. Forming Orthodoxy the vision of the social world, mentality.

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  • The role of language and community in theological methodology of S.Dzh. Grentsa. Rejection of the referential theory of language and the theory of the correspondence of truth. The modern theory of speech acts. Community in Christian epistemology.

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  • Religion in Roman histories. Frameworks of religion. Roman deities and theology. Women and religion. Cult and ritual. Vows, prayers, invocations. Sacrifice, omens and prodigies. Funerals and the afterlife. Participation in traditional religious rituals.

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  • Social transformations of the Russian history of the XX-XXI centuries, their influence on the religious consciousness of the nation. The role of religion in the socialization of young people, its transition from indirect forms to legal manifestations.

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  • The role of the human subject, which is a tool for profit or power. A social process created by people for their good. The leaders of the states trying to escape from the cycle of violence and the "culture of conflict", both economic and political.

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  • The most horrible monsters and evil creatures of Celtic mythology. Bloody-Bones is a bugaboo from the childish rhyme. The legend about dreadful vampire the Dearg-Due. Monster the Banshee is a Celtic female spirit foretelling coming death in a family.

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  • An analysis of the activities of various fundamental institutions in the church. Investigation of the process of the birth and formation of various church dignitaries. Description of the prospect of bringing pastors, deacons to the success of the church.

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  • The problem of the correlation between Islam and secularization. Theoretical level of analysis the ideas of P. Berger, B. Wilson. The major features of the secularization paradigm. Islamic religious teaching and social structures of Muslim societies.

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