Economic justification of stages of the investment project of a mining and processing enterprise

Development of recommendations regarding the commissioning of fixed assets of mining and processing enterprises in the implementation of investment projects based on the use of bank loans as a source of funding. Analysis of development of mining.

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  • The tasks of development of capital construction in the context of modernization of the national economy. Ways of improving the policy of housing construction as a social component of the modernization process. Problems of investing in construction.

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  • Definition of Collective Investment. Collective investment schemes. Cost reduction through economies of scale by combining pension and profit-sharing funds. The accumulation of savings of small investors. Creation of the first investment fund in Ukraine.

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  • Methodological features of an estimation of economic, social, demographic, and ecological processes of rural development. Characteristics of solutions to improve the organization of information and analytical support of development of rural territories.

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  • Consideration of the organizational basis and the results of the NAC "Ukragrolizing". Acquaintance with the main ways and means of improving state support for the investment support of commodity producers with the attraction of financial leasing.

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  • The article focuses on the analysis of the development of socio-economic systems in the context of the introduction and improvement of e-governance. The theoretical foundations of electronic governance, the level of development of an information.

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  • Small and medium-sized innovative enterprises is an factor of the steady economy. The problem of Ukraine is in implementation of reforms. Financial support in the form of grants and tax incentives. Assistance to the development of innovative activity.

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  • The analysis of agro-industrial production. The designation of the main directions of its progressive development, the development of the market environment, entering the agrarian sector of the economy of Ukraine in the global market communities.

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  • Analysis of the main drivers of price of palladium description of the market. Heterogeneous investors and open interest. A more flexible fundamental model. Economic significance of non-hedger investment in commodity markets. Commodity market interest.

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  • General analysis of the economic situation in Ukraine and the UK. Features of creation of joint ventures of HP. The definition of money and its function. The Federal reserve system. Crimes in the banking sector. Economy business and investments.

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  • The study of social capital components. Reduction of investment flows into the country. Collective action and cooperation among the social networks of agents. Reduced operating costs. Creating the prerequisites for economic growth and social welfare.

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