On the possibility of using of small diameter pine round timber with defects in construction

Strength is assumed - index for materials which can take standard, calculated values. Significant dependence between bending resistance, absolute size of structural elements. The structure of the wood fibers - factor which determine timber quality.

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  • Analysis of the existing methods of the automatic regulation of the process of the drying of timber. Algorithm of the regulator of kiln drier. The need of regulating the drying process taking into account the characteristics of wood and drying agent.

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  • Application and classification of construction materials. Definition of key indicators affecting the choice of material. Alloys based on copper and aluminum. Properties, applications and benefits of innovative materials, thermosetting plastics, ceramics.

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  • Proposal and implementation of a new methodology for calculating the bending finned tubes for heat exchange systems. Getting high-quality bends with minimum radius of bending pipes bimetallic and monometallic. The use of technology in the helical rolling.

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  • Structural phase composition analysis of heterogenous film materials based on refractory metals is presented. A thermal activity nature of their conductivity was determined. Of investigation were estimated thermal resistance coefficient and energy.

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  • Impact indicators coal shiites in the properties of the resulting coke. Coking process with the help of passive experiment. Effect of changes in the number of components of the coal charge on the quality of the coke at various technologies of sintering.

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  • Types of tool materials: from high-carbon steel to ceramics and diamonds, and their use as cutting tools in the modern metal industry. Cutting tool and its characteristics: hardness, strength. Achieving an acceptable tool life before replacing it.

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  • The research revealing of the amount of regular wood and hazardous wood treated in Finland in this year. The most common techniques are applied to wood treatment in this country. Hazardous waste processing. Prevention of producing waste. Energy recovery.

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  • Production polystyrene composite films with small content of fullerenes (up to 1 %) by casting o-xylene solutions. A dependence of the glass transition temperature of the composite material on its composition. The adsorption capacity of polymer material.

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  • Model for calculation of nominal stresses in characteristic points of the surface fatigue crack to the tubular shaft in bending with rotation. Reasons for the decrease of the propagation velocity of cracks in the center and changing the geometry.

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  • The study of structural changes during hot deformation metal during controlled rolling. The influence of preheating temperature and deformation degree on the size and shape of austenite grains. The definition of the polygonal structure of the austenite.

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