Problems of text linguistics, discourse studies, and discourse analysis

Analysis of the use of the language on the Internet. Description of the nicknames used by Ukrainians in their own blogs. Consideration of classification methods based on linguistic features. Consider names used for identification and self-presentation.

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  • Analysis of discourse as a speech and mental phenomenon is inextricably linked with communicative and translation aspects. Description of typological features of each individual type of institutional discourse. Confirmed by its existential nature.

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  • Review the definition of "discourse". Features of diplomatic discourse. Characteristics of the main types of diplomatic correspondence in English. Consideration of the main transfer transformation. Translation Analysis viewpoint of linguistic features.

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  • Analysis of linguistic personalities of participants in parliamentary debates on the basis of description of communicative peculiarities of the construction and deployment of their discourse. Its four main types: knowledge, desire, duty and opportunity.

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  • The dependence of linguistic peculiarities of the realization of genre model of the dynamics of changes in the communicative needs of the discourse community. Anthropocentric paradigm in the linguistics that proclaim indissoluble unity of language.

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  • Approaches towards the Typology of Discourses. Characteristics of the Sport Discourse from the Viewpoint of Social Linguistics. Lexical and Grammatical Problems, Problems on Rendering of Player’s and Athletes’ Names, Names of Teams in Translation.

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  • The description of some linguistic methods, which politicians use in their speeches to make an impression on the audience. Analysis of speeches of American Presidents. Studying their real aims and goals, which they hide by saying powerful phrases.

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  • The main analysis of the totality of conceptually related historic words integrated into a specific context. Historical discourse is polyvectoral in nature. Studying of different genre texts, reflecting various aspects of human life in the past.

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  • Cognitive-linguistic analysis of verbal manifestation of the concept soul in poetic discourse. Distinctive characteristics of the concept and fundamental metaphorical models. The linguistic and individual author's concepts in the works of English poets.

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  • Analysis of ethnonymic nominatives. The role of ethnonyms in place names of England. Problems of classification and etymology of ethno-toponyms. Linguistic status of the ethnonym. Development of ethno-toponyms and functioning of ethnic names in geography.

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  • An analysis of the empirical metaphysics of political speech on terrorism. Empirical metafunktsiya within the framework of system functional linguistics. Analysis of the transience of the text. Identification of commonly used types of processes in speech.

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