Reptiles and humans

Reptiles - tetrapods and amniotes: a review of the species distribution, the modern classification; economic, aesthetic, symbolic and ecological value for human; functions herpetologist. The evolution of reptiles, physiological systems of their life.

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  • Urban anthropology sat alongside ecological, economic, applied, political, legal, medical, educational, psychological, cognitive, symbolic, and also aesthetic anthropologies. Diverse interests marked urban anthropological research in the Caribbean.

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  • About the most famous zoo in the world. The first true zoo in France, the modern zoo near Hamburg, the San-Diego Zoo, zoological garden. The Center for Reproduction of Endangered Species. The Animals Of Eurasia and Americas - leopard, monkey, birds, etc.

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  • Evolution before Darwin's on the origin of species. Theory of natural selection. Evolution and anti-evolution in interphase. The Rise of fundamentalism and it's opposition to evolution. From equal time to the de-emphasis of evolution in American schools.

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  • Evolution of flora and fauna on the planet Earth, its implications: the formation of new species, adaptation to the environment etc. the Story of the origin of life on the planet. The first living organisms, bacteria, the occurrence of parasitism.

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  • General information on the distribution of the new invasive mildew, Podosphaera amelanchieris Maurizio, registered in Belarus, Ukraine. The distribution of fungi, species and morphological characteristics. Comparative characteristics of several species.

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  • Evolution, scope and importance of botany. Human nutrition and fundamental life processes. Medicine and materials, environmental changes and plant breeding. Soil science and conservation. Vegetable farming as growing of vegetables for human consumption.

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  • Human reproductive cloning - suggests that an individual who was born as a result of cloning is named, civil rights, education, education - in short, life is the same as all the "normal" people. Therapeutic cloning human. Limited and problematic method.

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  • The physiological definition of respiration and its structure. Characterization of physiological changes in the process of breathing in the mountains. Features of regulation of respiration in conditions of high atmospheric pressure and in a hot climate.

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  • Morphological features and distribution of S. paulsenii, its related species. Substantiation of the possibility of the species to become an invasive weed. Changes in the taxonomy and nomenclature of representatives of the genus Salsola sensu lato.

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  • Study of model species of herbaceous and shrubby plants. Determination of the main indicators of generative reproduction of clonal-forming plants of the grass and shrub layer and their dependence on the plant species and ecological and cenotic factors.

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