Educational component of cultural paradigm of modern ukrainian nation in the post-revolutionary emigration activities in Czechoslovak Republic (1920)

Disclosure of educational content in the cultural paradigm of the Ukrainian modern nation, formulated by the Prague group of post-revolutionary emigration, headed by Shapoval. Updating the diaspora principles of national education in the interwar period.

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  • Symon Petlura - Supreme Commander of the Ukrainian Army and President of the Ukrainian National Republic. Crucial Events. Petlura versus Lenin. War and Revolution. Russian Aggression in Ukraine. Champion of the Struggle for Freedom and Independence.

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  • Features of formation and development of Ukrainian national historiography. The most important components of the collegiality of Ukrainian historiography, the integrity of the national historical thought. The idea of Ukrainian historical identity.

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  • Ukrainian public and political journal of Galicia in second half of XIX - early XX century: populist, Russophile, radical and conservative tendencies. Elucidation in magazines a news of national-cultural movement Ukrainian Galicia in 1848-1914.

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  • The activities of public authorities of Second Polish Republic for sustainable use by citizens and economic entities objects of natural, historical and cultural heritage. Analyzes the legislation, creating the regulatory and supervisory institutions.

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  • Analysis of methods of establishment and implementation of new Soviet educational system at the territories of Ternopil region. Documents of the state and party archives of region as a fundamental material for the research. The new system of education.

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  • Analysis of the activity of "Prosvita" in Drohobych in the interwar period of the ХХ century. Characteristics of the counteraction of the Polish authorities and local political structures, which tried to nullify and devalue the work of the institution.

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  • Comprehensive study of theoretical and methodological foundations and approaches to regional mapping of natural, historical and cultural heritage. The main objects and parameters mapping heritage. Principles of regional cartographic works of art.

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  • The transition of Eastern Europe countries from centralized, planned economy toward market economy. Features of the Polish and Hungarian reforms in comparison with those of other post-communist countries. Economic, institutional, cultural transformation.

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  • Stepan Bandera's biography. Under the Polish Rule. In the Ranks of the Organization of Ukrainian Nationalists. Armed Campaign of the OUN in West Ukraine. Becomes Head of the Organization of Ukrainian Nationalists. The Unabated Fight against Russia.

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  • The scientific potential of the Finnish technology education history for forming and development of Europeanness in schoolchildren and students of Ukraine. The ways to overcome the detachment from the origins and roots of European Technology Education.

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