Hitchhiking is a great way to travel that allows you to really get to know the locals. It is important to choose a good spot to hitchhike. A lot of hitchers debate whether to use signs or not. Ride sharing agencies are a good alternative to hitchhiking.

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  • Unique proven methodology to develop good physical, mental and emotional relationship with the horse. Recommendations on how to improve the form, release tension and find a balance, improve the comfort of you and horse is physically and psychologically.

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  • Globalization as major driver that has an impact on every business. How globalization impacts different industries. A historical overview of global tourism. The effects of climate change on tourism. Blue ocean strategy. Travel agencies and their products.

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  • Important role to play in the major muscles of postural awareness and healthy movement, vital muscle fitness for drivers, riders, runners to achieve good results. A unique program of exercises to train different muscle groups at any place and at any time.

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  • Work and Travel USA как самая популярная программа молодежного обмена для студентов на территории США во время летних месяцев. Два варианта участия в программе, как найти работу в США самому. Организация программы Work and Travel в компании "Пегас-Тур".

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  • The plan for Travel and importance of product strategies are based on secondary data. Literature behind product development. Product development plan for case company. The study has indicated effective solutions for product development of travel agency.

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  • Sports is a popular leisure activity. Place of sports in the life of Britain. Cricket, football, lawn tennis, golf and rugby is the most popular sports that began in Great Britain. Sport is a very important part of a child's education in Great Britain.

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  • Tourism in France - important aspect of the economy. Geographical location and tourist attraction. The main sights of France. The most visited tourist places. Disneyland in Paris as an entertainment area for children. Parc du Futuroscope in French.

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  • Consideration of the user, intended for citizens of Kazakhstan travelling abroad. An overview of the contents of the General rules and practical recommendations, knowledge and observance of which will help to avoid difficulties during foreign travel.

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  • Главные маршруты путешествий, предлагаемые туристическим предприятием "Via travel". Определение факторов, вызвавших проблемы в деятельности туристического предприятия. Разработка мероприятий по совершенствованию управления туристического предприятия.

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  • Характеристика деятельности и организационная структура Ltd. "Kanoulas Travel". Анализ современного состояния и перспектив развития средств размещения на о. Корфу, рекомендации по развитию программ летнего отдыха. Диверсификация туристских продуктов.

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Работы в архивах красиво оформлены согласно требованиям ВУЗов и содержат рисунки, диаграммы, формулы и т.д.
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