Radical Thought

"Ex-centering" of reality. The distinction and incompatibility between the thought and the real. Conjunction of idea and reality, in the shadow of the enlightenment and of modernity. The idea of simulacrum as a conceptual weapon against reality.

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  • The Incompleteness of Objective Reality. Personal Identity and Reference. Evolutionary Epistemology. Types of Generality. Pleasure and Pain. Personal Values and Impartiality. The Moral, the Rational and the Supererogatory. Politics and Conversion.

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  • Several philosophers have questioned the possibility of a genetic epistemology with the developmental transitions between successive states of knowledge in the individual person. A distinction between the genesis of an idea and its justification.

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  • An overview of Jean-Luc Nancy's philosophical thought to date which situates it within the broader context of contemporary European thinking. His understanding of space and spatiality; his thinking about the body and embodiment; his political thought.

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  • Exploring the thought of Hegel, Saussure and Derrida regarding the nature of the linguistic sign. Derrida misrepresents thoughts Hegel and Saussure by interpreting them as falling within the Platonic rather than the Aristotelian philosophical tradition.

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  • Philosophy is the study of general and fundamental problems, such as those connected with reality, existence, knowledge, values, reason, mind. The directions of development: the western and eastern. Prominent representatives and their teachings.

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  • The notion of alternative conceptual frameworks as a commonplace of our culture since Hegel. Hegel's historicism as a sense of how there might be genuine novelty in the development of thought and of society. Quinean arguments against analyticity.

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  • The thought of Leibniz from mathematical and physical to the metaphysical, as in the essay "The Radical Origination of the Universe". Here Leibniz raises the questions and also shows answers to this most general questions has already been indicated.

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  • Analysis of two theses of Richard Double in Metaphilosophy and Free Will: disputes over free will are in principle unsolvable, since they stem from incommensurable metaphilosophical views and principles; free will is not an objective feature of reality.

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  • The philosophical framework of Spengler's argument is a Romantic one, derived ultimately from adaptation of Kant. The time in which this reality exists is a quite different time from the mechanical time of science, which is really a dimension of space.

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  • Foucault's stance towards the Enlightenment as formulated in three work. A partial modification of Foucault's attitude to the Enlightenment. A reconstruction and critical assessment of three articles Foucault devoted to Kant and the Enlightenment.

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