Gait performance in women aged 60-64 years

Estimation of woman walking with computer stabilometric complex Balance Manager. A reduction in step length and prolonged execution turn time, which might be a cause for decreasing of coordination with aging. Walk Across, Step-Quick Turn and Step Up test.

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  • The history of occurrence and development of Geriatric psychiatry. Consideration of major theories of brain aging. Analysis of the influence of social factors on mental health. The study of mental disorders in old age, their diagnosis and evaluation.

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  • Местное обезболивание в стоматологии. Повышение качества, безопасности и эффективности внутрикостного обезболивания терапевтических вмешательств. Способ внутрикостного обезболивания с использованием автоматизированного инъектора "Quick Sleeper".

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  • Development of methods of rehabilitation of children with scoliosis. Investigation of the degree of cellular reactivity abnormalities. Comparison of hematological parameters and leukocyte indexes of intoxication in boys and girls of the sanatorium school.

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  • Functioning of principal heart system in a balanced statement, number of beats. Depolarization of myocardium muscular system. Heartbeat and coordination of chambers beat. Decoding of electrocardiogram results. View of ventricles in relaxed condition.

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  • Post-operative pain and posttreatment disease. The working length debate. Diagnostic endodontic conditions commonly faced by clinicians. Prevention of infection is paramount for a favorable outcome of vital cases. Necrotic pulp and retreatment cases.

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  • Информация о химическом составе, терапевтической эффективности или фармакологической характеристике лекарственного средства. Частотные отрезки "-cillin-", "-cyclin-", "-mycin-", "-myc(o)-", "-pyr-", "-sulfa-", "-zep-", "-zepam-", "-test-", "-vir-".

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  • Characteristics of the causes of severe autoimmune disease. Features of the influence of the balance of the intestinal microflora on the skin. Consideration of ways to restore intestinal microflora. Acquaintance with medical nutrition in psoriasis.

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  • The thermal loading situations and their influence on the temperature field in teeth. Breathing, food consumption, and dental treatment as the processes disturbing the thermal balance in the oral cavity. Recommendations concerning cooling technique.

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  • Atherosclerosis as type of arteriosclerosis. Things that can happen where plaque occurs. Facilitation of symptoms and reduction of risk factors with the purpose of deceleration, stop, or change of advertisement of plaque. Foods high in soluble fibre.

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  • In vitro antiproliferative activity. Cell Culture conditions. In vitro determination of antioxidant activity. The cytotoxic activity of these compounds against normal cells. Identification of side effects in other biosystems and animal experiments.

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