Advances in Cryptology

Signature schemes and anonymous credentials from bilinear maps. Asymptotically optimal communication for torus-based cryptography. Paradigm of hybrid encryption scheme. Pseudo-signatures, broadcast, and multi-party computation from correlated randomness.

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  • Arithmetic and number theory in C and C++. The fundamental operations in programs. Modular arithmetic: calculating with residue classes. Addition chains and windows. Cryptographic application of exponentiation. A modern the data encryption standard.

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  • Outline of conference proceedings in the field of development of cryptography. The use of Boolean functions in the shift registers with feedback relationship used to encrypt information. Options graphs encoding and selection of programmable design.

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  • Intellectual information systems as hybrid neural networks. Using the topology of neural networks based on a fuzzy perceptron, ANFIS, TSK, Wang & Mendel’s network to solve diagnostic problems in medicine. Influence of the fuzzy rule on output signal.

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  • The problem of protecting information by transforming it, precluding its reading an outsider. Cryptographic methods of data protection - special encryption, encoding or a conversion. Architecture, devices and addresses applications of cryptography.

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  • The book is organized into three parts. The first part covers private-key cryptography. Chapters 4-9 concern the main topics in public-key cryptography. The remaining four chapters provide introductions to four active research areas in cryptography.

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  • Joint fingerprinting and decryption of broadcast messages. An estimation attack on content-based video fingerprinting. Statistics- and spatiality-based feature distance measure for error resilient image authentication. Analysis based on quartic equation.

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  • Block cipher modes of operation and data transformation for asymmetrical algorithms. Standardisation in cryptography. Trust models in public key cryptography. Cryptographic standards for the World Wide Web. People who play a role in cryptography.

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  • Consideration of four major requirements when a biometric template protection algorithm is designed. The definition of a secure authentication model, based on fingerprint template protection by using the approaches of cryptography and watermarking.

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  • Replacing symbolic information, such as a sequence of bits or a message written in a natural language, by another message using different symbols. The properties of arithmetic coding. The problem of reliable communication. Coding natural languages.

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  • Usage of the term Anonymous on imagebords, particularly the board of chan, dedicated to random content. Idea of exposing corruption within the system. Limiting information and enlarging author rights. Hacked many oil companies servers in order.

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