Beyond the schwinger-dewitt technique: converting loops into trees and in-in currents

The problems of quantum gravity, the search for consistent schemes for the equations in quantum field theory. Perturbation theory and the Schwinger-DeWitt technique. A regular covariant method is for expanding the one-loop action in powers of curvatures.

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  • A framework for effective equations of expectation values in quantum cosmology and pose for them the quantum Cauchy problem with tunneling wavefunctions. The eld-theoretical sector of inhomogeneous modes. The technique of manifest quantum reduction.

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  • Modern cosmological models describing the macrocosm. A comparative estimate of the maximum lifetime of a de Sitter universe obtained by the method of Don Page and made in the framework of string theory. Paradoxes of phantom energy and quantum mechanics.

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  • Establishment of a system of equations for quantum electrodynamics in which an electron, like any other charge, has an electric and a magnetic field. Description of the eigenvector fields using scalar and vector potentials satisfying the equations.

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  • The formulation of a metric model that satisfies the requirements of quantum theory. Description of gravitational waves by the Liouville equation. Proof of the Schrodinger conjecture on the connection between the wave function and gravitational waves.

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  • The quantum theory of a free real scalar eld as one of the few quantum eld theories that are exactly soluble. The classical structures as relevant for quantization and is used for constructing the Schrodinger representation in the general case.

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  • A theory of electromagnetic wave multiple scattering by ensemble of dielectric and conductive bodies, with describing the excited currents inside bodies of electric field tensor T-scattering operator. A system of equations for currents on surfaces.

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  • The study of the quantum nature of light and its interaction with matter. Mixed States of the electromagnetic field and electrodynamics in the frequency domain. The concept of probability and random variables. Experiments in optical homodyne tomography.

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  • Obtaining the asymptotic solution of the weakly nonlinear scalar oscillator resulting amplitude equation. The regular perturbation method generally feature secular behavior. The renormalization group method proposed by Chen, Goldenfeld, and Oono.

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  • Mechanism of the Earth magnetic field. Role of gravity in the evolution of planet and the formation of continents margins. Influence of gravity anomalies on seismic events, weather conditions and tsunami origin. Gravitational vehicle of volcanos.

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  • Optical amplification, quantum non demolition measurements and optimal quantum cloning. Photon pairs generated by parametric down conversion. Random number generators. Experimental cryptography with Faint laser pulses. Multi-users implementations.

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