Two-timing, Averaging, and Renormalization Methods to Solve Weakly Nonlinear Oscillator Equations on Long Time Intervals

Obtaining the asymptotic solution of the weakly nonlinear scalar oscillator resulting amplitude equation. The regular perturbation method generally feature secular behavior. The renormalization group method proposed by Chen, Goldenfeld, and Oono.

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  • The renormalization-group analysis of turbulence, based on KG Wilson’s coarse-graining procedure, leads to suggestive results for turbulence coefficients and models. The RG method, a calculation procedure successfully employed in many areas of physics.

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  • Analysis of the solution of nonlinear equations for finding the extremum of functions. Extension of the domain of convergence from different initial approximations that do not satisfy the conditions for the convergence of the classical Newton method.

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  • Model of nanostructured finishing and improving surface treatment of machine parts based on nonlinear dissipative oscillator, allowing to define the bifurcation parameters of frictional force and speed of loading of the material of the surface layer.

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  • The electromagnetic energy-momentum tensor for a system of charged particles and its "gauge renormalization". Classical electrodynamics after "gauge renormalization". The momentum of free and bound EM fields. Proper mass of electron and Poincare stresses.

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  • Presented PDE-method for solution of the Fokker-Planck Equation is proposed to study the beam dynamic in the storage ring. This method has been implemented in the new OPLEQ code. The results of numerical calculations obtained by this code are presented.

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  • Asymptotic formulas for stray fields of arbitrarily oriented magnetic and electric dipoles located on the axis of a translucent disk. Using the Kirchhoff approximation and the stationary phase method. Numerical solution of a singular integral equation.

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  • The problems of quantum gravity, the search for consistent schemes for the equations in quantum field theory. Perturbation theory and the Schwinger-DeWitt technique. A regular covariant method is for expanding the one-loop action in powers of curvatures.

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  • The blackbody radiation problem within classical physics is reviewed. Discussion of Fundamental Constants. Analysis Maxwell’s equations. Linear and Nonlinear Oscillator Scatterers. Wien Displacement Law and the Mismatch with the Boltzmann Distribution.

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  • Feature information transmission in the form of electromagnetic waves. Carrying out the method of amplitude modulation of the sound in the mid-1870s. Exposure frequency inflexion effects of physical barriers. The primary analysis of popularity FM-radio.

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  • The nonlinearly damped semilinear wave equation and a thermoelastic Mindlin-Timoshenko plate system with nonlinear viscous damping. The upper semi-continuity of the attractor with respect to the parameters related to the coupling terms and the shear.

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