Modern algebra with applications

The discussion about boolean algebras and their application to switching circuits. The rotation groups of the regular solids are investigated. New material on order of an element and cyclic groups, more details about the lattice of divisors of an integer.

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  • Complete discrete valuation fields. Extensions of discrete valuation fields. Cyclic extensions of prime degree. The Hasse–Herbrand function. The norm and Ramication groups. The milnor K-groups of a local field. The group of units of local number fields.

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  • Tiling of the limit space under the action of a (self-similar) subgroup. Self-similar groups and their limit spaces. Subgroup tilings of limit spaces. Tilings of limit spaces of abelian and nilpotent groups. Functional analysis to nilpotent Lie groups.

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  • The emergence of noncommutative geometry, its relationship with the corresponding selected algebra function. The establishment of the anti-equivalence between the category of spaces and the corresponding category of algebras of functions on such spaces.

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  • Study recurrent factions fourth order. Contacting algebra fourth order. Building a sustainable rate calculation algorithms recurrent factions. Definition of communication between periodic recurrent about fractions and real positive roots of equations.

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  • Affine plane curves. A brief introduction to the p-adic numbers. Regular functions on projective curves. Plane projective cubic curves with a rational inflection point. Reduction of an elliptic curve. Cohomology of finite, infinite Galois groups.

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  • Determining the extent of interpolated approximation spaces generated by regular elliptic operators on compact manifolds. Features and through the application of Jackson-Bernstein inequalities for spectral approximation regular elliptic operators.

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  • Using methods of discrete mathematics in the field of virtual isolation and its application in the scientific theory of numbers, groups, combinatorics and graph theory. Specifics arithmetic methods data comparisons. Construction of a matrix atom.

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  • Applications of the mathematics of harmony as a new interdisciplinary direction of modern science. Algorithmic measurement theory, number systems with irrational bases and their applications in computer science, the hyperbolic Fibonacci functions.

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  • Determination of p-groups with nilpotency class 3 where all proper subgroups have nilpotency class less or equal 2. The necessary and sufficient condition for finite p-group to be a minimal group of nilpotency class 3.

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  • The Cartesian product of copies. The set of all nonnegative real numbers. The algebra of polar operators (poles). Definition of a binary operation. Polarized elements, extension of the algebra of poles to the whole plane. Classes of equivalence.

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