Olympic and Paralympic Movement

History of creation Olympic and Paralympics games. What games were played original Olympic games and that play today. What is the sports for invalids? Comparison of these kinds of competitions, the analysis of features and development of both games.

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  • The role of games on language lessons. The problems as adequacy in using games and their advantages. The different types of grammar games, and included worksheets, which are needed for playing these games. Some results from the scientific investigations.

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  • The article basis of teaching grammar games. The advantages of using games. The role of games on languages lessons. The practical basis of teaching grammar games. Some main advantages of using games in the classroom. Learning grammar through games.

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  • The description of the Australia and its geographical position. The population of the country and its capital. The preservation of the environment of the Australian government. Sports in Australia and its participating in all of the Olympic games.

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  • Movement using in game learning. Using games to promote communicative skills in language learning. Feeling and grammar, listening activities. Competitive, cognitive games movement using in game learning. Meaning and translation and problem solving.

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  • Components of Interactive Learning. Identify and learn the best methods of learning English. Analysis of the advantages of interactive games and ways of learning languages. Development of modern teaching tools. Development of student self-study skills.

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  • Football or soccer as one of the most popular games in the British Isles. Places in Britain associated with a particular kind of sport. Squash as one of the fastest games in the world. The most famous boat-race in England is between Oxford and Cambridge.

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  • The main characteristic of improving lexical skills as an important part of teaching English. Analysis of the concept and purpose of learning vocabulary. The development of a lesson using different types of games in the education of foreign speech.

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  • Theoretical aspect of effective methods of teaching. The bases, effective ways and techniques of teaching a foreign language (communicative teaching method; project method; the method of debates; games and role play). Practical aspect of ways of teaching.

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  • Game forms of work in the classroom, the classification of educational games. Improving the imagination, thinking and cognitive sphere of students in English lessons. Building emotionally attractive communication patterns, speech patterns and dialogues.

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  • Kazakh Yurt and traditional national games. Traditional holidays and entertainments. Universal merry-making, games, traditional horse races and various amusements accompany festivities in county. Kazakh dastarkhan and areas of kazakhstan besbarmak.

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