Theoretical and numerical evaluation of collective ant behaviour

Investigation of algorithms of insect colonies: the distribution of tasks, the search for a home for life. Analysis of the variant of the feeding algorithm based on the behavior of the ant colony. Conditions that lead to self-destructive behavior.

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  • DNA: Structure, function. Basic techniques in gene analysis. Polymerase chain reaction. Protein production and purification. Genome sequencing projects. Post-genome analysis. Engineering animal cells. Engineering animals. Transfection of animal cells.

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  • Analysis, evaluation of the ability of Hoplobatrachus rugulosus erythrocytes to phagocytosis of microorganisms. Increase of phagocytic activity of red blood cells of H. rugulosus to S. cerevisiae and Shigella sp. at high and low incubation temperatures.

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  • Comparison of the physical development of children 7-8 years old over a 12-year period of time. Analysis of children with a normal physical development and with disharmony due to excessive body weight. The connection of this phenomenon with gender.

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  • The snow leopard is a large predatory mammal from the cat family. The habitat, body structure and weight of the animal. Diet, life expectancy in the wild and captivity. The length of the jump when hunting. The main threat to the life of a predator.

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  • Классификация и функции цитокинов. Хемокины, их структура, рецепторы, влияние на нервные клетки. Фактор, стимулирующий рост колоний (Colony Stimulating Factor-1, CSF-1). Интерлейкины, общая характеристика. Регуляция функций мозга в норме и при патологии.

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  • Exemplary systems for studying of three-dimensional growth and differentiation in vitro. Spheroid formation in spinner flasks. Spheroid formation on agar overlay. Formation of multicellular aggregates under different conditions of microenvironment.

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  • Визначення рістстимулюючої активності ферментного препарату по відношенню до мікробних об'єктів. Закономірності біосинтезу бактеріолітичних ферментів і рістстимулюючого фактору у різних штамів продуцента. Імунотропних властивостей лізоензимного препарату.

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  • Determining the degree of destructive changes in skeletal muscles in dependence on the term of hypokinesiа limitation. The role of kinesitherapy in the repair processes and renewal of structurally-functional properties of muscles after hypokinesiа.

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  • The description of the autoassociative's neural network natural's approach for NLPCA. Review several network architectures including the hierarchical, the circular, and the inverses models. Analisys result's, which are shown on example molecular biology.

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  • Assigning water body (from which plankton sample was taken) to given saprobic zone. Focuses on possibility to use biota for monitoring of environment quality. Analysis and examine fields of view and counting individuals representing particular species.

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