About Syria war

Definition and characteristics of the premises descent into civil war. Acquaintance with the causes of humanitarian crisis in Syria. Research activities of rebels and the rise of the jihadists. Analysis of the main principles of syrian government.

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  • Goals of the Union and Confederacy on the eve of the Civil War. Promoting interest, location and consequences of the Civil War for the state. Industrialization and economic growth, sharecropping and tenant farming. Georgia’s reconstruction government.

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  • The concept and features of the Enlightenment, an assessment of its role and significance in the history of mankind. Prominent representatives and timing of this period, their achievements and directions of research. The ideals, humanitarian foundations.

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  • Sweden ceded Finland to Russia according to the Hamina peace treaty. The Finnish civil war began. The Bolshevik government did recognize this political act on the last day of 1917. Cooperation, as a political stance, was now discontinued in state.

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  • The description of battles of the American civil war which are allocated on bravery and number of the caused victims. The chronological description of ten most expensive battles of the earth measured by victims (killed, wounded, grasped, and absent).

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  • The political activity of the Bulgarian statesman Stambolov and People's Liberal Party in the years of "narodnyaks" government. The evolution of his views concerning the key problems of Bulgaria. The causes of the crisis of "stambolovists" organization.

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  • Study of the process of socio-cultural transformation in the Middle East in the late XIX - early XX century. An analysis of the historical conditions and the main factors that conditioned the process of the origin of the Quranist movement in Egypt.

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  • The study of the phenomenon of Jacques Chirac as a politician, his activities as president of France. The stages of its movement up the career ladder. Analysis of the main achievements in domestic and foreign policy. Reforming education and health.

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  • Analysis the structural and organizational principles of medieval church institution "The Republic of Saint Sophia" from the point of view of its authoritative powers. Research of the features of the Novhorod Church hierarchy during ХІІ-XIV centuries.

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  • Analysis of the activity of "Prosvita" in Drohobych in the interwar period of the ХХ century. Characteristics of the counteraction of the Polish authorities and local political structures, which tried to nullify and devalue the work of the institution.

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  • Research the period of the national-liberation and revival movements in history of Macedonia. The revolutionary path of Ohrid revolutionary Peter Chaulev. The bloody suppression of the uprising and the flight of the rebels led by Chaulev to Albania.

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