Doppler Effect

Theoretical information about the history of the discovery of the Doppler effect, the disclosure of its physical nature. Building plot of the Doppler frequency of target velocity at a certain speed range and for given parameters of the wavelength.

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  • Structure, composition and properties of these coatings were studied. Hardness measurements and adhesion tests were provided. Values of hardness and cohesive strength. Physical and technological parameters of deposition, elemental composition of coatings.

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  • The C-V characteristics of n-channel JFET have been measured as a function of temperature up to 140 0C and γ rays up to 100 kGy. The results show that the input capacitance Ciss is increasing function of temperature when measured at low frequency ban

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  • Principles of construction of a monitoring system. Appearance of the reflectometer ALIMP. Application of the complex modulated signals. Algorithms of processing of the information. Block scheme of power lines monitoring on the basis of the devices ALIMP.

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  • Approach to signals and systems on the base of relativistic time dilation. Presentation of relativistic time dilation in frequency area. Relativistic generalization of Nyquist-Shannon theorem. Calculation of the Lorentz factor versus relative velocity.

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  • The study of temperature-frequency dependencies of the conductivity nestekhiometriya spinel. The existence of frequency dispersion of conductivity. The establishment of the value of conductivity, its dependence on the number of Fe2+ ions in the structure.

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  • The study of the quantum nature of light and its interaction with matter. Mixed States of the electromagnetic field and electrodynamics in the frequency domain. The concept of probability and random variables. Experiments in optical homodyne tomography.

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  • The convergence process of the heavy ions in the fusion-fission reactions. Three collective state parameters of the total system: the quadrupole deformations of the target nucleus and the incoming ion and the distance between their centers of mass.

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  • Description of models of gas purification from suspended solids in аVenturi scrubber subject to the pulsations of the gas flow. Development of a method of calculating the slip velocity between the fractions of particles including vibrations and movement.

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  • The analytical expression for the calculation of the relay mode frequency and power. Development of parameters of electric energy converters. The absence of the phase shift between voltage and current. Solution EMC problems. The reduction of power losses.

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  • Analysis of physical processes that may cause the fragility and destruction of the lava-like fuel containing materials of 4-th unit of Chernobyl Nuclear Plant. Analysis of influence of electric fields arising in medium with incorporated radionuclides.

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